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El Paso County moves to Level 3 COVID-19 restrictions

epc covid dial

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- With a swelling two-week COVID-19 incidence rate in the past month, El Paso County is moving to Safer at Home Level 3 guidelines by the end of the week.

That means capacities at many venues and businesses will need to be cut in order to abide by the state's COVID-19 dial guidelines. Under Level 3, capacities are limited to 25%, down from the 50% capacity limits under Level 2.

The change came quietly Wednesday, as the county's public health dashboard was updated with new numbers and the new restriction level taking effect by 5 p.m. Friday.

According to the county, the two-week COVID-19 incidence rate is sitting at 750.7 cases per 100,000. Hundreds of people have tested positive every day in the county for the past several weeks.

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  1. Hey dip $ hits! Quit getting tested. It is literally meaningless. There will be no difference in treatment modality. You will be told to go home and wait it out, or if you become increasingly ill go to the hospital. Guess what, that is exactly the same for any illness or not being tested for coronavirus. All the positive tests do (some falsely so) is cause more restrictions but does exactly ZERO to help you or slow the spread. It’s meaningless up until you are taking a trip to the hospital!

    1. Oh, a clean negative test is a “get out of quarantine free” card. My college kid got put into quarantine because someone in the class tested positive. She got tested, had a negative result in 3 days, and came out of quarantine. So much better than waiting 14 days to see if symptoms develop.

      1. Understandably in that case. But case in point – positive test for girl changed ZERO. If she stayed home just like ANY other illness outcome the same. What about other kids in class? Positive test “stay home”. What if any other illness and no tests – guess what “stay home” – no difference in outcomes by testing. Literally ZERO!

  2. ‘Doing the same thing again and again expecting a different outcome’, maybe we can do away with the masks? I mean, for most people, a mask has become a reusable dirty Kleenex they hang in their car and use until they fall apart, becoming a vector for spread with whatever the person touches after wearing it. If you are sick, that mask has just become a concentrated sick sponge. Who sanitizes their mask after wearing it? Or constantly properly dispose of their mask, e.i.; bleached, put into a ziplock bag, etc?
    You can tell i’m sooo done with masks for 1. It was garanteed to be better than a vaccine. Why aren’t numbers plummeting? Shouldnt they be oh so effective at combating the spread?
    2. Why can’t we question the effectiveness of masks? Are they doing more harm than good? Why is there no counter argument that there may be actual downsides to them?
    3. There should be an actual program on using/storing/throwing away masks, this is medical waste, it must be treated at such. You can all draw scenarios from this.

  3. Look guys I know you want a vaccine but let’S face facts… wont see one for at least 3 yrs BECAUSE….stage 1 testing is 9 months long, stage 2 is upto 1 yr and stage -3 (human testing) is 2 yrs long this C.D.C. F.D.A. guidelines….so in short no matter what the media of your president is telling you IT ISN’T GONNA HAPPEN for a bit!!

  4. wow that was quick the feds noticed our increase and here we go yes you can wash your mask duh!!!

  5. If people would quitgathering at home, bars, gyms, and restaurants this wouldn’t have happened perhaps but folks don’t care about anyone but themselves like Trump

  6. Having a clown for president during a pandemic is proving to be very dangerous. Wear masks, social distance, use hand sanitizer, wash hands frequently, avoid crowded indoor events. Flatten the curve. There needs to be much more testing in order to control the spread. Stay safe, Colorado. 😷

    1. Why does a President need to issue diktats when the Governor did that just fine? Colorado is not New York or California.

      I think you will see Biden’s claims that he’s going to issue a national mask mandate evaporate into nothing more than a PSA from Uncle Joe. Why? Because he has literally zero authority to do so.

  7. Hunker down everyone. There’s a virus on the loose with a 99% survival rate. Take cover, put your mask on for an added false sense of security. Be afraid, be very afraid. Covid did its job; it destroyed businesses, robbed the middle class, and rigged an election. Get over it already. So now listen children, let me ask you:do we do this for the flu every year? Noooo. We don’t. So why bother with this shit?. We can all hole up in our house for a year or longer and it won’t just fly away. The politicians are have too much fun with the control. Covid isn’t virus control, it’s people control. If you can’t see that then you’re either lacking eyeballs or a minimum of 2 brain cells. Shit Ray Charles can see that.

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