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El Paso County COVID-19 case count over 6 times higher than springtime

epc covid spike

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- As El Paso County leaders grapple with a stark rise in COVID-19 cases, county public health data show coronavirus cases in the county are over six times higher than it was under stay-at-home orders from March to May.

Stay-at-home orders lasted nearly two months in El Paso County until a variance was approved by the state to reopen restaurant dining rooms on May 24.

KRDO analyzed the COVID-19 data of those 59 days of those restrictions and compared it to the most recent data in the same amount of time.

March 26 - May 24 COVID-19 data

  • 1399 positive COVID-19 cases
  • 188 hospitalizations for COVID-19
  • 70 deaths

El Paso County's highest hospitalizations in a day were 13, and the highest death count was 4 in the nearly two-month period.

March 26 - May 24 COVID-19 Hospital patient data by age
March 26 - May 24 COVID-19 Positivity Rate El Paso County

Our look at El Paso County's COVID-19 data found the highest positive case count in the last two months is 12.5 times higher than the county's highest coronavirus case count during the stay-at-home orders from March to May.

The highest daily positive case count in the springtime stay-at-home period was 57 cases, compared to 717 positive COVID-19 cases in the county reported by public health leaders on November 3.

September 12 - November COVID-19 Hospital patient data by age

September 12 - November 10 COVID data

  • 8733 positive COVID-19 cases
  • 289 hospitalizations for COVID-19
  • 47 deaths
September 12 - November 10 COVID-19 Positivity Rate El Paso County

The death rate among COVID-19 positive patients decreased by nearly a third since the stay-at-home order lifted compared to the fall. However, the county public health data shows those 70 and older were at-most-risk for COVID-19 deaths in both time periods.

March 26 - May 24 El Paso County COVID-19 death data
September 12 - November 10 El Paso County COVID-19 death data
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Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



    1. Wow! A little over a thousand per state. How many die? Flu numbers? And most will be elderly with other conditions. Wanna live another year under Democrat tyranny? No thanks.

  1. Polis playing to his base with vaccine distribution plan. No argument with hospital workers being first, but after that he sacrifices older healthy adults for all younger demographics. “Essential” workers like grocery baggers and restaurant workers join EMTs and police second in line. Then comes essential criminals in prison and those in homeless shelters, along with college students who have a near zero mortality rate. But if you’re a healthy senior you come next to last in line. Better check into a nursing home to move up the ladder gramps! I bet a lot of seniors tell Polis and local officials to stick their mandates when they find out their tax payments don’t mean squat and they MIGHT get the vaccine next fall. Kill off the opposition, huh, Governor?

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