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Pandemic fatigue creating spike in Colorado COVID-19 cases

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- After having to deal with the everyday inconveniences of COVID-19 for the past seven months, it's no surprise people are starting to ease up on mask-wearing and social distancing. 

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers says he's seen pandemic fatigue take over the Springs. "People are a little sick of this," Suthers says. "They don't see people immediately around them getting really sick, a lot of folks don't and so they think, 'hey no big deal', but the fact of the matter is people are still dying."

Governor Jared Polis says with cases and hospitalizations on the rise, we simply cannot give up. "Fatigue is setting in, that's why we are seeing these numbers increase, but the virus is not tired of us; it is still deadly," Polis says.

Current data from the State Department of Public Health shows the virus making a strong comeback. Dr. Rachel Herlihy the State epidemiologist says if this trend continues we could eclipse the grim numbers we saw back at the start of the pandemic. 

"Based on our current trajectory," Dr. Herlihy says, "we are projected to exceed the number of hospitalizations we saw in the Spring in about mid-November."

While counties like El Paso and Pueblo are now considering adding restrictions, like limiting the number of people indoors, Polis says those restrictions won't save us if people don't care about taking necessary precautions.

"Counties and states can say what we say and counsel you how we counsel you but ultimately it's up to you to take that scientific-based advice and follow that scientific-based advice," Polis says.

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Chase Golightly

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  1. cases are soring all over the planet millions will die please protect your neighbors and family

  2. Complete lack of care for your neighbor. Schools don’t care to follow the guidance and are doing whatever they feel like. I have walked into a number of businesses where none or very few of the employees were wearing masks. No attempt is being made to hold these places accountable. They are not asking much. Wear a mask, stand a little farther apart and wash your hands. What is so hard about that?

  3. It’s not so much fatigue from the pandemic, or a belief that nobody is dying. People are dying, every day, from a lot of things. Cancer, accidents, suicide, the flu!
    What people are tired of is the politicizing of the virus. Stats are constantly skewed for one political gain or another. People aren’t told the truth. Nobody knows what to believe any more. And THAT is what we are tired of.

  4. Officials need to make it clear this is not about preventing deaths but about spacing out hospitalizations and deaths in order to avoid system overload (medical but also supply lines for food and goods, military readiness, political stability) that would create panic and a possible banking crisis or depression. Flattening the curve means an even infection and death rate, not no infection and death rate. And they need to be clear that this is likely a two year, four major spike process like the Spanish Flu was. After that, the bulk of the world population will have been potentially exposed and Covid will settle into being another seasonal cold and flu. The expectation that we are using masks to keep people from dying and that this is something we only have to do for a few months has always been inaccurate, this has always been a marathon and not a sprint, and it is irresponsible for public leaders to have behaved and spoken as if it were otherwise.

    1. But Joe Biden has a plan!! He won’t tell us what it is but he has one… a lock box like Gore!

    2. Very well put.
      -I do think it is funny how one day the news reads, “Cases go up and hospitalization stay the same.”.
      Then to today where the mayor says that hospitalizations are going up and we are close to being overwhelmed…?…?…
      -Then the national news that more people are recovering from COVID when hospitalized than in Spring. The higher numbers infected reflect the kids/college students who have gone to school and then tested positive, recovered and never came close to needing hospital care.
      -National news not directly saying it has stats that show the the death rate has gone down, the hospitalization rate has gone down.

      Fear tactics is a means of control over a population.

  5. So according to information my husband shared with me Colorado only has 1,800 ICU beds, statewide And currently 1/4 are occupied by someone that has COVID-19, solely OR in conjunction With Other health issues. That’s 450 ICU beds. Also, Deaths just are NOT As Prevalent As ‘the experts’ were Projecting. The FEAR Mongering Is Not producing The Results that ‘those who desire to Control’ us humans and more & more people are WISING-UP to The Facts. Except for the occasional Mask Nazi person/group, Life is going on and more people are just taking the Risks in stride, as they would were there not the Doom & Gloom drum-bangers marching to Take Away Personal Choice!

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