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Colorado Springs dentist provides free services to veterans

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- SmileCOS Dentistry is giving veterans their smiles back through the gift of free, same-day dental work.

In honor of “Freedom Day,” which is a nationwide effort by dentists to give back to the veteran community, SmileCOS is providing each veteran with up to an hour and a half of free dental work each. Procedures range from fillings to extractions.

All staff at SmileCos is working for free for the day, and they're planning on seeing around 20 veterans Thursday, providing tens of thousands of dollars worth of services.

Dr. Andrew Miller with SmileCOS says many of the vets he's treated today don't have access to proper healthcare.

"We want to show them through action we appreciate their service," says Miller. "Rather than just saying, 'We appreciate your service.'"

Danielle Staiger, who served in the Air Force for 20 years, says events like this are invaluable to the veteran community.

Though she didn't serve with the intention of seeking praise, she says it feels nice to be recognized.

“Doing dental work is very expensive, and having where I can come in and get a free day, it feels really nice," says Staiger. "I felt like I was appreciated for serving my country for 20-plus years."

Dr. Francisco Darquea, a dentist a SmileCOS, says the practice wouldn't exist without the sacrifices made by U.S. veterans.

“We are really grateful to provide services for veterans," says Darquea. "Without them, we would not have the freedom we have now. ”

Find a full list of businesses participating in Freedom Day here.

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