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Some Mountain Shadows residents say potential zoning change could negatively affect area

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - Residents in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood are expressing concerns, after receiving a notice about a requested zoning change at a property off Garden of the Gods Road.

The land at 2424 Garden of the Gods Road is currently office space, occupied by Verizon and a number of other companies. The zoning request would allow industrial, commercial, office, and residential use of the land.

Some people who live nearby told KRDO they're worried if there's a significant amount of residential housing involved, the rise in population could negatively affect their community.

"I'm concerned about adding an influx of people here to a neighborhood that definitely cannot sustain that," said Caitlin Henderson.

Henderson said she's worried about traffic, schools, crime rates, and the natural habitat of the area -- mentioning big horn sheep that migrate through the property.

Leo Finkelstein, who's lived in the area for 30 years and owns one of the first homes built in Mountain Shadows, told us he's mainly concerned that only people who live within 1000 feet of the property got a notice about the zoning change, and his street didn't.

"I think the community needs to have a strong say in this, and they don't when you find out about it simply by word of mouth from a neighbor," Finkelstein said to KRDO.

Others complained they thought the request vague -- saying they're on the fence, but need to learn more.

"I think more details and more information in the community so we can really understand how this is going to impact us," said Amanda Obringer.

Community members will have a chance to listen in and state concerns at an upcoming virtual meeting this Wednesday, October 7.

City planning officials told us they'll take public input every step of the way.

"The public absolutely will have the opportunity to comment on all of the applications moving forward," said City Planner, Katelynn Wintz.

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    1. Presumably the current owner of the property, a corporation set up for the purpose (2424GOTG LLC), which wants to sell at a larger profit over what they paid for it 2 years ago, by changing the possibilities of what else can be built there.

    2. Instead of putting more Residential Cribs in this area. I suggest putting a Coal burning Power Plant. This would provide more Electricity to CS and save
      Jobs. With the added benefit of more Pollution.

  1. Everyone complaining that the increasing cost of housing, yet no one wants affordable housing, apartment’s, or condos in their area. I read that the same thing happened in Flying Horse. There is an empty plot of land at the intersection of Hwy 83 and Northgate. A developer was going to build an apartment complex, but the residents complained so much that the developer pulled out. “We need affordable housing, just not near me.”

    1. I don’t remember ever saying we needed affordable housing. we need people who have skills that allow them to buy houses that are expensive. There I fixed it for you

      1. Why do you think I was referring to something you said? I was referring to a news story that I saw a while back.

  2. The only area they want to put affordable housing is in the neighborhoods that are already being gentrified. The wealthy do not want to have affordable housing move into their districts. Which is why there are three different areas the city is planning on building that they have announced over the last 1-2 months. What will occur is the wealthy districts will only allow more wealthy houses to be built in the areas, while the south and east will continue getting all of the apartments.

    Stay Classy Colorado Springs, not separate by financial class.

    1. Gentrification equals good. Time for all the scumbags who moved here for legal pot to go back wherever the they came from. You’re not needed here

  3. The City Planning office ALWAYS says resident input will be taken ALL through the process.
    They however will only notify the residents within 1000 feet. They say it is up to residents to see the sign posted that indicates a planning request. The City will put up a sign on the road and let the residents know that there is a meeting in 3 days. The city will hand out slips of paper to take comments.

    Then the City will allow infill because the PlanCOS survey made sure to have infill fast track as one of it’s criteria for the City.

  4. Well, heck, I can understand their objections. I certainly wouldn’t want -shudder- apartment dwellers to foul up my rarified air. We rich people pay a lot of money to not have to smell certain odors, you know.

    1. The fact that there’s already a 24-year-old apartment complex right across the street from this site seems to have gone unnoticed by many people.

      1. “The fact that there’s already a 24-year-old apartment complex right across the street from this site seems to have gone unnoticed by many people.”

        “A” apartment, denotes singular correct? Even if there are a few, do you really believe that is acceptable RealityCheck?

  5. Ding ding ding we have a winner. It’s almost like people who own single family houses find apartment rentals undesirable. Strange

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