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Leaders discuss Colorado Springs affordable housing initiatives at work

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - Local leaders met in Colorado Springs Friday to discuss new housing initiatives aimed at providing more affordable homes to families in the area.

Mayor John Suthers and City Council told KRDO they're working against the clock to get more affordable homes built before even more people come to live here.

"It's a big issue and it’s being caused largely by the demand," Mayor Suthers said. "We've got so many people wanting to live in Colorado Springs, moving to Colorado Springs, and frankly we're starting to get anecdotal information that that's going to accelerate because people are leaving other areas of the country."

Other local officials touched on ways to reach affordable housing goals, including the allocation of federal funds and incentives for investors.

KRDO also spoke with one local developer who's building up an area off of the Hancock Expressway, fit for commercial space and family housing.

Darsey Nicklasson is spearheading Mosaica, a unique nineteen acre development with commercial and residential space, targeting families.

They're planning fiveplex buildings with front porches, backyards, walking paths and a sledding hill.

"What we're trying to do is get people to meet each other and know your neighbor," Nicklasson told us. "And then you start looking out for each other and creating that really strong sense of community."

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Julia Donovan

Julia is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Julia here.



  1. Suthers is going to allow Colorado Springs to grow until it becomes a place people will want to leave
    Suthers just cannot help ruining a good thing, his motives need to be explored and people should fight this plan to further congest the city.
    The city is already at peak traffic capacity, crime is growing and homeless are crawling everywhere.

  2. There’s a huge plot of land at the intersection of Northgate and Hwy 83 that would be prefect for something like that.

  3. I love how the city has been growing northward over the last 20+ years now. What makes me feel like this new venture to build on Hancock just shows that the wealthy still want to keep the wealthy away from where they will build for the “not wealthy”. The city is all gang-busters building north and making residences in the $300k’s but when it comes to affordable housing, well…

    The city looks at an area that has been overpassed by everyone up to this point to build affordable housing. All the while the City 1-2 weeks earlier wants to annex the north end for greater tax revenue. As mentioned above, the city is congested, the roads are deplorable (even with 2a fixing our curbs and gutters…)

    Different time, same problems. City elected officials keeping the wealthy satiated, the poor kept in their area of the city, fixing nothing, but hey they are on their search for my taxable residents, even when the city can’t handle the ones they already have.

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