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Colorado competing with 25 other States for Space Command

082720 space command

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Springs continues to be one of the top contenders for the permanent headquarters for U.S. Space Command, but the fight is far from over.

In the past few months, more than two dozen other states have applied for consideration. Congressman Doug Lamborn says Colorado Springs is still in a good position.

"We are the leading contender for this because we have the most to offer," he said, adding that not all of the other states are real contenders.

However, Lamborn says California, Alabama, and Florida could give Colorado a run for its money.

"They are places that have a lot to offer to offer for space and other military missions right now," Lamborn said.

He also says when it comes to the specifics the Pentagon is looking for, Colorado has some advantages like proximity to other military bases, good housing, and a qualified workforce.

"We have the infrastructure that is already in place," Lamborn says. "Other places have to spend billions of dollars to duplicate what we already have in place."

Not only would it cost a lot of money, but it would also cost a lot of time to build the infrastructure needed. Time that Lamborn says cannot be wasted.

"We can't let our guard down for one day, much less months or years, and that's what it would take to bring someone else on board to do what we are already doing," he said.

Another point the congressman brought up was the fact that there are currently 250 space and aerospace companies already in the Pikes Peak area. Lamborn says “that gives a great pool for talent, it gives a great support base for providing contracts to fill out whatever missions need.”

As for when the final decision will be made for the permanent headquarters for U.S. Space Command, it could be as early as this January.

Chase Golightly

Chase is a reporter and an anchor for our weekend evening newscasts. Learn more about Chase here.



  1. I hope the Governor of Denver doesn’t screw this one up, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Hard to screw this up. I would assume, the only real competitors would be Hawaii, Florida, or possibly California. The majority of the equipment is already here and if it was to be moved to a different state that would only increase the cost of having to move all of the equipment, not counting the personnel.

    The only one that could screw up Trump’s Space Farce, is Trump himself.

  3. If they dont put space command here they will close a base, they already said this but waited to see what the new move was gonna be. now considering how much it costs to close a base…..I think we will end up with the job of hosting the new space command.

  4. Every state should get one (1) military facility. Let them choose the one they keep. All the others should be closed and re-aligned. We aren’t fighting World War II anymore…

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