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Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board evaluates possible name changes to public landmarks

Summit of Mount Evans Interpretive Site Cropped
Summit of Mount Evans Interpretive Site; Photo: US Forest Service

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado's Geographic Naming Advisory Board is currently evaluating possible name changes for certain public monuments and places.

After seeing various statues, monuments, and public places get torn down and vandalized following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Gov. Jared Polis says the state is taking progressive action to make sure it doesn't happen here.

But Colorado isn't just looking at renaming buildings or schools.

The board is currently reviewing three mountain peaks in Colorado that have been petitioned for renaming - including Mount Evans in the southwest region of the state

The mountain is named after John Evans - who was a governor in Colorado in the 1860s, before the territory was even a state.

However, he is also held largely responsible for the Sand Creek Massacre that killed hundreds of Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians.

The board, which includes Representative Tony Exum of El Paso County, is reviewing a petition to rename the mountain in honor of the innocent people who died that day.

"Just because they're a different color or different race, doesn't mean they don't add value to our country, to our state, and to our communities," says Exum.

The board is made up of a dozen people across different political and cultural spectrums. It includes state lawmakers, representatives from the Colorado Commission on Indian Affairs, and experts on race and ethnic studies - just to name a few.

In the weeks to come, the board will be working closely with U.S. Board on Geographic Names, to review the pending name-change proposals.

The state board can make official recommendations to Gov. Polis.

The federal board still has to make the final approval before the names of landmarks can be changed on federal maps and products.

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Mia Villanueva

Mia is a weekday reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Mia here.



  1. And again they try to erase history. It happened, good or bad you cant change the fact. Why are liberals obsessed w happened in the past. People have to learn from them.

    1. No one is attempting to erase the history. What people are trying to do is stop commemorating and idolizing people and their monuments because of what we learned in history. What is the rationale to keep up statues of people that disparaged a group by race, color, creed, sexual orientation, etc.

      Judge and honor and commemorate decent people, but don’t idolize them as monuments.

      Removing these monuments isn’t whitewashing history, it is holding ourselves accountable and choosing to be and do better than before. Because currently, America has been sending out the wrong message to its people, and some are fed up and that is why they protest.

      1. Odd that nobody mentions what the Indians did that might have triggered that reaction. See “The Hungate massacre involved the murder of the family of Nathan Hungate along Running Creek (Box Elder Creek near present-day Elizabeth, Colorado) on June 11, 1864.[1][2] It was a precipitating factor leading to the Sand Creek massacre of November 29, 1864.”

    2. People can learn from many sources other than monuments honoring tyrannical leaders in our history. Perhaps you have trouble learning, but don’t assume that everyone is as ignorant as you are.

  2. Well. I guess I’ll suggest erecting a statue of Satan in front of our church, right next to the one of Jesus. I hope I get to see all the cool Adolf Hitler statues in Europe, too. It’s just history.

  3. Are you kidding me , I am so tired of the blm movement, I thin more bad is coming from it than good. Terrorist

  4. Let’s change names of statues and schools to Native Americans names. While we’re at it you crackers can move back to your ancestral lands and that politician that was bragging she is part native American Elizabeth Warren)can step down! Sorry but I find it more offensive to pretend your something you’re not than have a team name like “Redskins”! Amazing how hypocritical you libs are!

    1. You do realize that the term “Native American” was made up by us “CRACKERS” as you call us. There was no such thing as America BEFORE we arrived. How about you find an Indigenous person, and ask them WHAT IT WAS back then. If you really want to get right down to it, I AM A NATIVE AMERICAN, Family ever since my Great Great Grand Parents were born here (That’s 7 generations), and NONE OF THEM owned slaves. Hell, I’ve never even seen a slave, have you?

      1. Given the choice of being a Sore Loser, or an Idiot, I would choose Sore Loser every time… It’s apparent which one you have chosen for yourself.
        BTW, being an AMERICAN makes me a winner. See my response to Mikey…

  5. I see that all our “woke” politicians and public health “experts” are declaring racism a public health crisis. While I agree that many races create many problems for our collective public health, I hope these same concerned individuals look deep enough to see the greatest challenge to our public health: it’s called Liberalism.

  6. Lets not name anything, because no matter which way you look at it, any name is going to offend someone.

    1. The problem with that is, WHO determines what is good, and what is bad? If ANY AMERICAN really thought about it, OUR Conquering what we call the United States now, is a GOOD thing because NOT ONE OF US would have ever been born. Mommy and Daddy would never have met because their ancestors would have never met AFTER 1607 when the FIRST settlement (Jamestown) was established. This includes ALL European Settlers, and any Africans brought over afterwards. Even if Mommy and Daddy would have met, chances are the sperm and egg that created you would have not been the same, and you would still have never been born. IF you were, you would still be in a different country.

      So just WHAT is GOOD, and What is BAD?

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