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El Paso County COVID-19 cases stabilize over last two weeks


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- El Paso County is beginning the week with a plateau in the number of coronavirus-related cases, according to the latest data.

New coronavirus cases had been rising fast across Colorado since the middle of June.

Courtesy: El Paso County Health Department

Data over the last two weeks shows there has been a fairly consistent plateau, with cases neither really going up or down, since about mid-July.

Courtesy: El Paso County Health Department

Tuesday marks two weeks from when a mask mandate was put in place, but because of how the virus takes time to incubate and how symptoms develop, there is a distinct lag in recognizing if it directly contributed to fewer cases.

"I think just looking throughout the community you can see some positive changes in the ways people are implementing that. We are pretty hopeful that has been a big factor in stabilizing our cases," said Kimberly Pattison, Communicable Disease Program Manager with El Paso County Public Health.

She says there are more factors that go into the rise and fall of cases than just the governor's orders.

"We know for one thing, not everybody is going to seek testing. We know that some people won't get tested until much later in their illness and we also know it can take some time for the labs to turn around those results and for those cases to be reported back to public health," Pattison said.

Although we've hit a plateau, our climbing numbers have still resulted in the county introducing a new cap on large gatherings in indoor spaces, including restaurants.

"The actions we take right now are going to determine what happens with that plateau. Is it increase from here or is it going to decrease from here? As long as we have infectious cases, we have to be vigilant about those precaution measures," she said.

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Alexis Dominguez

Alexis is a reporter for KRDO and Telemundo Surco. Learn more about Alexis here.



  1. Looks encouraging! And it means that more people are finally taking notice and adhering to the CDC guidelines.
    Let’s keep it up, folks…

  2. Even if you don’t believe in it just wear a mask and social distance and humor the rest of us.

  3. So we have a 1/100 of 1% death rate and a 2% infection rate over the last 2 weeks…..Definitely a pandemic….and remind again….the rate was lower than this prior to the last two weeks? Cant wait for the election to over so this “pandemic” is over with.

    1. Death rate is much lower than 1 percent. CDC has stated the infection rate is 2 to 13 times higher than reported

      1. Of course the CDC said it is much higher. How would we have a pandemic if they reported the actual statistics? I suspect Colorado will have to inflate the numbers as well so it can justify destroying the economy.

    1. You see that is the ironic thing about this, it doesn’t take an expert as common sense will more than suffice. I do feel sorry for a lot of people since common sense is not a learned behavior. Oh well, good luck……

      1. Common sense?? Like the idiot the ran the stop sign at the library today? Oh, he had a mask on so he gets a pass for running the stop sign. Wtf is wrong with you people wearing masks while driving? I swear it’s cutting oxygen to your brains!

  4. The democrats won’t like that. What else can we do? Murder hornets? No one believed those. Sand storms from another country? No, no one believed that. Coin shortage, that should do it? Nope, not even a coin shortage. Riots? No, they are are starting to work against us. Riots with guns? No, our people keep shooting each other. Get Biden to start making speeches? Can’t do that, they’ll see that he is mentally incapable of being president. There has to be something else we can do to disrupt this election….. Let’s try rich against the poor again.

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