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Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs woman devastated after CPW euthanizes her pet fox

"Flash" the fox, euthanized by CPW in Colorado Springs after being domesticated

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - A Colorado Springs woman told KRDO she is heartbroken after Colorado Parks and Wildlife confiscated a wild fox from her and euthanized it.

"My baby boy was taken and killed," Ashley Yeager told KRDO in an email.

According to a press release, officials had to euthanize the fox because it had been in captivity for two years. Wildlife officers determined it would not be able to survive if released back into the wild.

Yeager told KRDO she knew of a sanctuary that would take the fox she named "Flash."

CPW explained to KRDO on Monday why it didn't take the fox to an animal sanctuary, in response to Yeager's email to our station.

"Fox can carry diseases like rabies and canine distemper. Unfortunately, the only way to test for rabies requires euthanizing the animal. So we had no choice, given our first obligation is to protect human health and safety," a new CPW statement reads.

Yeager said the fox was given to her by a friend when he was close to death. She said when her friend found the animal, all of his siblings were dead and the mom had either abandoned them or was also dead.

"We called CPW then and asked what to do. They said let nature take its
course," she explained.

But Yeager hoped she could help the fox survive.

"I knew a lot about foxes and I knew I could rescue this little one. So, I did!" she said. "I am not a bad person who just takes animals because I feel like it."

CPW reported the fox had been in Yeager's custody for at least two years since it was a small kit.

Officials said they found the woman through her Instagram page, where she posted dozens of photos and videos of the fox. CPW said some of the images showed the fox in a collar and eating human food.

It is illegal to own wild animals in Colorado, resulting in a misdemeanor punishable by a $100 fine.

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Julia Donovan

Julia is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Julia here.



  1. This is typical when the government gets involved. It sucks they stuck their nose in it when it was clear this animal di not have rabies living with this woman for 2 years. Unfortunately, this woman also learned a huge lesson in WHY you don’t post your business on the internet.

  2. I am angered, sickened and heartbroken over this. It would have been obvious if the fox was sick. Is the fox better off now that it is dead? Why not just fine the lady $100 and let her just carry on? CPW is/are fools and have no business in the business they are in. I have utter disrespect and hatred for all of you!

    1. I am also angry, sickened and heartbroken. It was absolutely not necessary to kill that animal. But that seems to be what CPW workers dream about and salivate over. Any opportunity they get to kill a wild animal is a fun time for one and all. Who is doing the hiring of these ghouls?????

  3. This is ridiculous! Did these government zombies actually do any GOOD for the community?

    No. This woman wasn’t hurting anyone. That little fox wasn’t hurting anyone.

    She should have kept her business to herself. That’s the one thing she did wrong.

    The prying eyes of the government are watching!

  4. Apparently CPW didn’t have any Bears or Mtn Lions to murder this week. So they murder someone’s Pet a healthy Fox. People have snakes, ferrets, Parrots and other exotic pets. The Logic of CPW over some stupid law and their lame excuses for executing this animal are complete BS.

  5. It’s a shame to kill that animal. The Gov’t should stay out of people’s business like that. I’m really not sure why a rabies shot and short quarantine wouldn’t have taken care of the problem, especially where the fox had a home to go to.

  6. Colorado Department of WildDeath, more like. The fox could have been isolated to see if it developed any symptoms. The DPW weren’t willing to take the time to save a life. Shows how little regard they have for wildlife. Just like killing that mama bear and orphaning her two cubs. So sad.

  7. SHE’S devastated? Think about that poor fox. Sorry, but SHE was solely responsible for the death of that fox, no one else. She knew what she was doing was wrong and illegal and yet posted her personal business all over the internet as a big middle finger to “the man” for all to see. She’s got no one to blame but herself. Congratulations.

  8. See that is the thing it never was her fox. Just misguided material instinct. You see it alot in women of a certain age with no children.

  9. Hopefully they used the Fox meat to feed some indigenous peoples who don’t let anything from nature go to waste?
    What a waste all the way around!!!

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