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LIST: Southern Colorado school districts share back-to-school plans amid COVID-19

Back to school schools reopening

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Department of Education has released guidelines for schools to reopen this fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but not all districts have the same exact plan.

Take a look through this list of school districts in southern Colorado for information on their reopening plans:

Harrison District 2

Widefield District 3

Fountain-Fort Carson District 8

Colorado Springs District 11

Cheyenne Mountain District 12

Academy District 20

Lewis-Palmer District 38

Falcon District 49

Pueblo District 60

Pueblo County District 70

Fremont County RE-1

Trinidad School District 1

Woodland Park School District

We'll add more districts to this article when plans are announced.

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  1. So are the teachers expected to teach both online and in person for the same or less money? No wonder so many of them are retiring now.

    1. Most have the class being recorder/cast for the online people. Same kids per class just some at home and some in the room. That is the way our school is doing it. I think it is great so if they are sick or seem sick they can stay home and still get the learning. Kids learn a lot from other kids questions and group discussions even if just observed.

  2. None of the districts have any requirements that employees be tested prior to having contact with children. In Georgia one district did and found out that 260 of its employees tested positive.

  3. Update. Good job District 20 for getting smart about this and reducing population. Hope the other Districts in the city get smart and do the right thing. This should not even be an issue. Without coordination between Districts we look as silly as the rest of the country.

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