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Colorado Springs

U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs opens to public


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum, which has been eight years in the making, finally opened its doors to the public.

The ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony included speeches from Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers and Gov. Jared Polis.

"We should all aspire to be our best selves. It means we want to be the Olympian in our own lives," Polis said at the opening.

The opening of the museum was pushed back from its original date in May to implement more COVID-19 safety measures.

For starters, guests are required to wear a badge with a chip in. it.

"That chip technology allows us to track how many guests we have in each gallery," says Michelle Dusserre Farrell, Vice President of Athlete Engagement. "That allows us to make sure we're controlling traffic flow, and that we're maintaining that social distancing protocol that we must right now."

Michelle says the museum was built to be accessible to people of all abilities.

Throughout every exhibit, guests won't see a single step.

"Everybody takes an elevator up to the very top, and from top-down to the bottom floor when you finish your visit, it's all ramped," says Michelle. "It's made so everyone has a parallel experience."

For John Register - an Olympic athlete and Paralympic silver medalist - the accessibility of the museum is the most integral part of its design.

"It is empowering," says Register, "knowing everyone can touch every single thing, knowing the museum was built for every person coming through."

On display at the museum is the prosthetic leg John competed with in the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

He says he hopes the exhibits - along with the museum's state of the art design - will inspire kids of all abilities to dream big.

"You see all the athletes and you think 'I can do that, they were once just like me,'" Register said. "That is the thing that helps the dreams begin."

Tickets to the US Olympic Paralympic Museum are on sale here.

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Mia Villanueva

Mia is a weekday reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Mia here.



  1. I feel that they overspent on that building. The custom exterior where every panel is different and custom made it crazy. I personally do not like they way it looks.

  2. I don’t think they will have a problem with traffic flow.

    How many of your kids ever said “Gee dad, if only we could go to a museum dedicated to Olympians!” or “Hey mom, can you take me and my friends to the Olympic Museum in Colorado Springs?”
    The time starts for the request for bailout money now……

  3. A monument to deadhead tourists who are suckered into looking at a bunch of nonsense. The people who approved this eyesore should be railroaded out of town.

      1. how many times can you go through that place at $25.00 a clip before you have had enough?
        That’s when the city will need another “fee” from the taxpayers to keep it afloat.
        Special interest project.

    1. The directions would be go to the homeless camp beneath the antlers. Go under the bridge pass the other homeless camp and it’ll be on the right. if you get to the homeless camp on Las Vegas you’ve gone too far and need to turn around.

  4. The design of the building is a blatant rip-off of Frank gehry. Derivative is the best description for this building. Sad really that money is a waste and could have been better used to fix potholes. as everyone has stated no one who lives here actually wants to go to that monstrosity.

  5. Why would the city listen to the people that live here? They are too busy trying to get the government monies from the Military bases and the Olympic training grounds. Is it nice to have them here? I guess so… If the city was really interested in generating a renewable and sustainable source of taxable income from recreational marijuana. We have so many medicinal Marijuana shops throughout the city, why does this matter… Mayor Suthers stated he was unwilling to consider legalizing recreational Marijuana for the area because he didn’t want “possibly” lose out on getting “Space Farce” in the area. This is supposed to create an approximate ~10,000 additional local jobs.
    I got some follow-up questions,
    Where are they planning on building this new installation? Oh yeah that’s right they are using the already existing Peterson Air Force base. You know the already fully operational military base that is already fully staffed.
    So if they are going to bring “Space Farce” to Peterson AFB, and this bases Commissary and other civilian jobs are already full, where will these additional ~10,000 jobs come from? Remember we can’t count the “Space Farce” personnel because they are federal and not filling a job here.
    But I digress,
    This gentrification of the downtown power plant area has been a CS Government plan for a long time, despite what the residents of the city want. Wait till they shut down the power plant and our utility prices skyrocket because we are having to buy our power from Pueblo. The museum is stylized and marketed to a very specific clientele and most of the locals I know really care less. I will say this, having every shingle a different shape and size will only raise the cost of repair for this monstrosity and it will only go up from here on out. I just hope the ticket prices are high enough to cover the cost of repair, because i don’t want my tax money subsidizing this thing.

    1. Make no mistake, your tax money already has! They will claim it was all State grant, but what about all of the surrounding infrastructure -roads, turn lanes, traffic signals, sidewalks…….and make no mistake about this either – this will continue to suck up your tax dollars for years to come!

    2. “i don’t want my tax money subsidizing this thing.” Silly wabbit. Do you really think our city overlords up on Mt. Olympus “care” what you or I want or don’t want? We only exist here at their whim, in their city, to serve their needs. They will continue to take your tax dollars for whatever shiny new monstrosity they want, whether you like it or not. So take a seat and keep quiet like a good little serf.

      1. Eh, you made me laugh with the serf comment. Brought me back to to separate lines out of Monty Python’s Holy Grail.
        #1, How do you know he is a King? Because he isn’t covered in S***!
        #2, Oh look, I found some lovely muck over here.

    3. I can’t resist your comments on Space Force. I can tell you know nothing about it. This might help.
      Space Force is a consolidation of all US space assets. Air Force, Navy, Army, National guard etc. Yes, it is hard to believe that all the branches have space/satellite divisions. That is why they did this. The branches got to competitive with each other and had redundant capabilities. So If the Army wanted area photos of a battle ground they had to have their own satellite or pay another branch for the pictures. If they were busy they bought them from google or other companies who have private satellites up there.
      So here in the springs we already have a mass of these govt space controllers at PAFB, Cheyenne Cave and the alien base out east we loving call Schriever. If we bring everyone consolidate and bring everyone here that means the private contractors will follow also. There are many DOD contractors here in the springs that support space missions and more.
      So Govt brings 2k people here to fly satellites and then 8K more DOD contractors come. These people need locals for jobs like janitorial, maintenance, and accounting and payroll. So it is a snow ball affect.
      That is the simple version of how bringing Space Command here also brings a lot of Civ jobs. PLUS all the construction to house the new people build them offices and keep utilities up for the needs.
      Where are they going to build all the building to support Space Force. Answer: Schriever. That is a huge base with very little built on it and they just bought more land around it. So they have hundreds of acres that is a blank slate to build out there.

      More people = more taxes = more income for the city, county and state. = Build dumb things like a melted golf ball and call it a museum. (Had to try to bring it full circle for you) lol

      1. Ok, so I know nothing about IMINT. Never worked in SIGINT, and have no understanding of all of the current government contractors that are already in the area, got it. Building houses, etc. is only temporary jobs, not continuous employment.
        Wasn’t there an armistice agreement America signed in the 80’s when Reagan attempted Star Wars? Isn’t that the same armistice that caused America and USSR to begin disarming mid-range nuclear missiles?
        I hear you, and do understand what you are stating, but what my point was and still is that if the government was going to pull bases or not allow Space Farce here in Colorado Springs area, wouldn’t they have already began that transitional process? Honestly, common sense shows that the city, county, and state government will blatantly lie to the constituents about one thing, (“Space Farce” could leave if Marijuana was recreationally legal in the Colorado Springs,) but in the same breath we are not supposed to look at all of the medical Marijuana stores in the city, believing that if recreational was introduced, the whole thing would fall down. It makes no sense. The same logic with “Space Farce” is the same with the Olympic museum.
        Viral Thoughts, thanks for having an intelligent discussion, much appreciated.

  6. The transfer of taxpayer money to the developers of Colo Spgs is complete (well at least for this project-150 mil USOC offices anybody?) Even though the voters voted against it, the City knows better what is good for you than you do! Vote in same candidates with same good ole boys, and get same results…….

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