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Pueblo teachers protest return to in-person classes without decline in COVID-19 cases

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Monday morning, a few dozen Pueblo School District 60 teachers took to the football field at Pueblo South High School, not to play a game, but to demonstrate the seriousness of COVID-19.

July 27th has been coined 'Day of Action for Pandemic Inaction', and the D60 teachers at Pueblo South say they want to send a message of love, and not focus on the virus' devastation.

"Essentially all the teachers are wearing white, and underneath we are wearing our pink Pueblo Education Association T-shirts. We are going to show how quickly COVID-19 can spread," said Derek Flowers, a D60 Kindergarten teacher.

Teachers took off their white t-shirts to expose the pink underneath, signifying that the teachers contracted COVID-19.

The educators wore masks and stood six feet apart adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines, however, they believe the safety guidelines can't fully protect teachers or students while in classrooms.

On Thursday, D60's school board approved a plan to return to in-person classrooms for the fall semester. Teachers at Monday's demonstration denounce the board's decision.

"We don't want a full scale online learning for the entire school year," said Flowers. "We want a phased-in approach. We want to look at the science and make sure cases are not spiking in Pueblo ... that they are actually decreasing when we phase in students into the classrooms."

This is the second COVID-19 demonstration organized by D60 teachers. Last Wednesday, teachers gathered in the parking lot of the D60 administration building to demonstrate how returning to classrooms with social distancing guidelines isn't feasible.

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a bureau reporter based out of Pueblo. Learn more about Dan here.



  1. If childcare isn’t included with public education there is little incentive to use it. Even before covid, there was a tremendous reliance on at home learning in our district

    1. PUBLIC EDUCATION not CHILDCARE. You created it you raise it. If you don’t want it turn it in at the nearest shelter, perhaps someone else can give it the love and attention it needs.

  2. Not sure what the teachers are complaining about. Pueblo districts are the only ones in the area that are truly trying to put together a plan based on Health Department recommendations. Try here in Colorado Springs where the Districts reopening plans are all faith based. They are going to open the doors, issue a handkerchief full of posies and pray like hell nothing is going to go wrong. We are about ready to create a disaster here in in Springs. At least you can say that you tried your best in following the guidelines provided by the Public Health Departments and the CDC.

  3. Pueblo teachers protest to end their own jobs. Brilliant. It takes far less staffing to teach online to students, fire the rest. Might be the first thing that crooked teachers union has done right.

  4. All you experts on school and classroom environments, and education in general! I have great news! They’re short on substitute teachers and you can be added to the sub list for any district! Simply visit their websites for more information! Go on! Walk the Walk!

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