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Apartment complex looks to bring new life to Chapel Hills Mall

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Since the start of the pandemic, 14 total stores have had to close up shop inside both the Chapel Hills and Citadel malls, but where one opportunity ends, another begins.

Sherry Drew the Mall Leasing Agent for both malls said, “May 1st -- when we didn’t get to open with the rest of the retail, from that moment on it was a struggle. And that’s when we started losing some of our tenants.”

But coronavirus isn’t this first obstacle that these malls have had to overcome. The growth of online sales and open-air malls have taken business away from your normal brick and mortar.

Now, these malls look to the future for solutions, and a 300-unit apartment complex being built at Chapel Hills Mall may be a solution.

Drew said, “[A] high-end apartment complex is going up. What a beautiful venue and a shot in the arm for Chapel Hills for sure. It will be easier to secure some awesome retail.”

If the deal goes through, these apartments will go where the old Sears building currently sits.

“Just to be able to step outside your apartment, go to your salon, go get something to eat go shop for a new outfit, everything bam right there within walking distance you never have to get in the car,” said Drew.

And as of right now, construction is set to begin in October, hopefully bringing new life to the Chapel Hills Mall.

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Kolby Crossley

Kolby is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Kolby here.



  1. “[A] high-end apartment complex is going up. What a beautiful venue…”
    It actually has a nice view to the west, but being part of a shopping mall is not my idea of either beautiful or high-end.

  2. Next, some HIGH END, Upscale apartments at the old Sam’s Club building on South Academy!!!
    You can wake up to gun fire and screams!!! You are with walking distance of Chelton And Academy to get robbed or even view a drive by. Don’t forget, your Welfare card can be used at many of the low rent stores and vape shops, don’t forget SNAP to get you some uncooked food at the over priced hoodrat stores that take them! The sounds of sirens wake you from a dead slumber…don’t forget to watch the pigeons by the dumpster!

  3. I’m guessing they’re going to tear down the sears and not rehab it?

    that’s the only thing that would make sense to me otherwise you’re going to have a lot of interior apartments that have no windows.

    But no that’s not really were where I would want to live. Why I’ve seen this work in other cities there’s some sort of mass transit connected to that sort of scenario.

    well I guess the bus does go to chapel hills but like I said usually I’ve usually seen some sort of mass transit system associated with this type of housing/retail arrangement.

  4. One of the most asinine ideas yet. That mall is a shithole because the owners and the managers have no clue how to run it. How many times has it been sold and put into bankruptcy? Apartments will not solve the problem. That mall is a lost cause.

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