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Colorado Springs

Co. Springs area hospitals could reach capacity if COVID-19 trend continues

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Dr. Leon Kelly told El Paso County Commissioners Tuesday morning bluntly: hospitals are beginning to complain that they'll reach capacity if the upward trend of COVID-19 cases continues.

Kelly, the deputy medical director with El Paso County Public Health, said that testing time has begun to rise -- results had been taking one day, but now they can take two to three days or upwards of a week. This is in line with the big increase in testing at UC Health's testing site near Memorial Park.

During Tuesday's county commissioner's meeting, Kelly also said that younger people are making up about 30% of the county's cases of COVID-19. He said that's largely because people in that age group are working directly with other people.

Kelly specifically called out the plight of younger people working jobs like pizza delivery, restaurants, and grocery stores. He said they don't have the luxury of working from home because they aren't as economically comfortable as people in older age groups. Though, he did acknowledge that some of the uptick in that age group could be attributed to young people thinking they're "invincible."

While the deputy medical director said that El Paso County has been successful with contact tracing, he reminded commissioners that if people aren't careful, it could result in businesses being closed again. EPC Public Health did a survey at the largest Walmart in the area and counted about 60% of people wearing masks, but Dr. Kelly said compliance needs to be 80-90% or above.

Commissioner Chairman Mark Waller said they're not considering a mask mandate at the moment.

Commissioners also said they want data that shows people who were protesting aren't responsible for the increase in the 20-29 age group. Last month saw numerous protests with large gatherings in Colorado Springs after George Floyd's killing.

Dr. Kelly responded by saying "we'd always like to know more, but we have to go with what we have now." He said that Public Health wasn't at the meeting to demand a mask mandate or tell businesses they need to close, but he said they're there to ask commissioners what they're going to do to stop the spread, get people to wear masks, and keep businesses open.

We'll update this article with more information when available.

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  1. Better shut everything down until a cure is found! That includes grocery stores and if you’re not prepared that’s your problem.

      1. Bro if teaching them was worth anything we might actually be in an okay situation. But they’re Facebook experts. Dunning Kruger Effect need not apply.

  2. Good. Hopefully they are full of conservative hoaxer window lickers gasping for their freedom breaths on vents. I’ll keep working from home as I have the last five years, laughing at these dumb red peasants as they go broke paying their hospital bills.


    1. Working from home for 5 years? That’d drive me nuts! I’m in construction and have built things in the public domain that will outlast most of us. My job can’t be replaced by a program. Due to human demands for shelter, I’m kinda forced to be around others. Not looking for a thanks, but we cant all drive desks.
      And just putting it out there, I have a couple family members that are already recovered from the virus (positive then negative),and guess what?!?! It’s not that bad! Lost of taste was the worst part. It’s not a plague, no internal hemorrhaging, no throwing up blood, no people dying in the streets. its just media driven hysteria. Get back to living people!!!

      1. You’re right about working from home! It’s not an option for everyone.
        But you’re wrong about the coronavirus. It’s not bad for some people, but for others it’s fatal. You can never generalize from just a few personal experiences. You only have to read the statistics to understand that.

        1. Good point, if it has a mortality rate (hope I’m using that term correctly) of 0.04%, can we just protect those people and let the 99%+ live normally? I did some # crunches. A 1% death rate in a country of 350 million would be 3.5 million people. A rate of 0.1% would be 350k. We’re at a highly skewed death count of 178k (most in New York, new jersey). About 0.05%. Given these huge protests didnt make numbers spike, are masks really that effective?
          I have another theory: cell phones; we all put them in our faces with or without masks, handle them incessantly, and never clean them as much as our hands or faces. They’re a personal breeding ground for disease.. what about starting with limiting phone use or cleaning out phones more?

    1. Hey, where did you get your degree in epidemiology and immunology?

      Ohh? Facebook, you say?

      Then shut the hell up, Cletus. No one’s looking to your expert opinion. Probably a mechanic at a jiffy lube. But yeah. You’re an “expert”

    2. The simple answer is that not everyone requires hospitalization. It’s not bad for some people, but for others it’s fatal. The rate of fatalities is the number that really demonstrates the seriousness at any given time. But remember also that there are time lags between infection and diagnosis and death or recovery.

  3. All that is ever reported is who is testing positive. The press always leaves out how many are actually sick and how many have recovered. Constant fear mongering…

  4. St frances has 3 cases. THREE! You just reported a couple of weeks ago El Paso county has “less than 15 admissions. Who writes this garbage ?!

  5. Notice that the headline said “could”. Another scare tactic to scare the sheeple.

    1. Key words……. “Could” …….”If”…….
      Well I could win the lottery if I buy tickets. (odds of that actually happening…..)

    2. No one can predict anything about the coronavirus with absolute accuracy, so “could” is always correct.

  6. The pic of the cars lined up is staged I am an uber driver and I have never seen the cars lined up like that around here in the springs unless it’s at a dutch boys

  7. Utter nonsense. This virus is not killing everyone and their dog. If someone’s scared of catching then stay home or wear a mask. Still not getting why the country is shutting down for a virus that 97% of people recover from. Governor Polis is an idiot.

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