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Springtime freeze wipes out Palisade peach crops


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - Every year Coloradans look forward to biting into a delicious Palisade peach, but this year those coveted peaches will be hard to come by.

Due to an overnight freeze on the Western Slope in mid-April, this year's peach crop along with other fruit crops was ruined.

Z's Orchards in Palisade lost all of their peaches, and say they have not experienced a crop loss like this in 30 years.

Orchards down by the cliffs and river were able to harvest some peaches.

If you do get your hands on one of the peaches, you can expect to pay more due to demand.

Z's Orchards says this shouldn't impact next year's crop. They also invite you to still visit Palisade this summer as they are still having a market and wineries in the area are open by appointment only.

For more information on Z's Orchards click here.

For more information on other the peach orchards in Palisade click here.

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  1. Rats. Well, at least we have the Rocky Ford cantaloupes to look forward to.

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