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State data shows spike in El Paso County COVID-19 cases going into the holiday weekend


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- According to the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE), El Paso County has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases compared to the month of June.

On July 1st, CDPHE reported 57 new coronavirus cases in El Paso County county, the highest since June 1st. The highest number of cases reported in June was on the 25th with 45 cases.

Case data collected by Colorado Department of Health and Environment

The data shows a stark comparison to the county's data on its data dashboard. On June 18th, the county reported 58 cases, and on July 1st, 45 new cases.

Courtesy: El Paso County Health Department

Health officials have expressed concern going into the 4th of July Weekend and worry large gatherings might result in more cases.

"It could possibly be explained by people just basically moving around more, going to more public places, seeing more people than they have the last couple of months," said Natalia Gayou, Communicable Disease Epidemiologist for the El Paso County Health Department.

KRDO has reached out to CDPHE and El Paso County Health to discuss concerns and the difference in data.

"...Our numbers may be different than what is being reported by local public health departments. Please note that the data is only as up-to-date as what has been reported to the state," CDPHE in a statement.

Other data breaks down outbreaks across the state.

In El Paso County, there have 33 reported outbreaks since the pandemic began. In June, there were 10.

Among the outbreaks, four were tool and services companies, 2 restaurants, and 1 salon.

Gayou says, "with the outbreaks, we are seeing increases in general because people are going back to work because businesses are opening back up under new public health orders."

Outbreaks are determined when, "two or more Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a facility or (non-household) group with onset in a 14 day period," according to CDPHE.

Most of the outbreaks reported in June, in El Paso County were from staff members.

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Krystal Story

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  1. Soooo 45 whole cases? out of a population of 800,000??? WELL CALL GUINNESS OR SOMETHING THE SKY IS FALLING OH ONES!!!!!!!

      1. Well I’m going to soak my mask with chloroform before I put it on. I heard Fauci is recommending that this will help. It will also limit the number of times I will mess with it.

        So excited to try it before I start driving! #chloroformmasksarelegit

      2. They can’t report anything positive like that – it’s against the narrative of spreading fear.

  2. As usual, KRDO joins the biased media ranks trying to spread fear by reporting only on the number of “cases” and “deaths”. Just like the regular flu, lots of cases, few deaths, most people overcome it. KRDO cannot reverse the stats to make the reporting positive because it doesn’t fit the scare tactic narrative. The number of cases doesn’t mean much. Also, the media refuses to report the demographics of those who die e.g. age, gender, underlying health issues. Just another lowsy station.

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