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Protests in Pueblo: Law enforcement faces subsequent Sunday demonstration over Columbus statue

Columbus Statue Protests

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Protests in Pueblo will pick up Sunday, July 5th in opposition to the Christopher Columbus Statue on Abriendo Avenue in front of the Rawling Library in Pueblo.

According to the group For The People - Pueblo, protests will arise at the Columbus Statue in Pueblo every Sunday until the statue is removed.

"Part of our mission is to support the decolonization of our communities," said For The People - Pueblo in a statement to KRDO. "In service of this mission, we are sponsoring these weekly protests. The goal of the protests is to not only have the statue removed but to provide a platform for oppressed groups within southern Colorado."

Protests called for the removal of Columbus statue in Pueblo last Sunday, June 28th as well. Last week's demonstrations reported no citations or arrests.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 is reaching out to the Pueblo Police Department to see what security plan may be in place for Sunday's protests.

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  1. All those “Woke” white people are funny! So the statue is bad but you’ll remain in America instead of going back to your ancestral country? If you stay in America you’re no better than Columbus, actually worse because you’re so “Woke”.

    1. That is an interesting point you have there. Technically everyone should leave then…. lol

    2. Columbus was a brave explorer who discovered America, not a military leader who led an army that invaded what is now America. He opened up the door for Europeans to populate the New world and build the greatest nation on earth.

      The native population were very primitive compared to Europe, they had no comparable weapons, tall ships or even structures above one story….they were DOOMED to be conquered.

      The Marxist democraps/organizers are on a mission to destroy America and part of their strategy to do so is destroy America’s history and historical figures through fake revisionism.

  2. “Part of our mission is to support the decolonization of our communities,”

    What the…..? Pueblo is……. colonized? Man these people have lost it. They need an education.

  3. Cute sign, but the king wonders if these knuckleheds know most of the the native Indians own and traded in slaves also……?
    Remember, the only true minority is the individual

  4. UMM, this is organized by apparently Maoist communists, Mao mass murdered 45 million people, so right there, do not give them the time of day. What de colonization? We fought a war several hundred years ago to stop being a colony. Then for hundreds of years took in immagrents who where and part of this countries fabric.

  5. It’s hard for them to think rationally, when they’d rather be sheep fed by Democratic talking points and a lazy media.

  6. The American government defeated our native American enemies and as the victor we get to tear down native American statues/symbols, not them ours.

    The Marxist democraps are trying to turn America on its head as they seek to detroy America’s culture, history and the country……

    Any approval to remove the statue of Columbus is another chip away at America’s history and any politicians who go along with this attack on our history needs to be called out for surrendrering to Marxists, who are on a mission to destroy America.

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