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Protests call for removal of Columbus statue in Pueblo

Columbus Statue Protests

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Columbus Day may no longer be recognized by the state of Colorado, but protests continue to arise at the Christopher Columbus Statue on Abriendo Avenue in front of the Rawling Library in Pueblo.

Dozens of protesters against the statue, sponsored by the group For The People - Pueblo, came out in force for the second weekend in a row, calling for the statue's removal.

But on Sunday, protesters were met with supporters of the statue.

For decades, protests have arisen at the statue plaza every Columbus Day calling for the end of the holiday. Now protesters are calling on the removal of the statue all together.

Protesters claim the statue honors a historical figure, Christopher Columbus, who is responsible for the genocide of the indigenous American peoples.

According to the group For The People - Pueblo, protests will arise at the Columbus Statue in Pueblo every Sunday until the statue is removed.

"Part of our mission is to support the decolonization of our communities," said For The People - Pueblo in a statement to KRDO. "In service of this mission we are sponsoring these weekly protests. The goal of the protests is to not only have the statue removed, but to provide a platform for oppressed groups within southern Colorado."

The Pueblo chapter of the 'Sons of Italy' declined to comment on the protests against the Columbus Statue at this time. In the past, the Son's of Italy have fought for the preservation of Columbus Day in Colorado.

Local News / Pueblo

Dan Beedie

Dan is a bureau reporter based out of Pueblo. Learn more about Dan here.



  1. More rabid racist who hate the Italian people.

    How about tearing down some Muslim memorials?

    They hate women, sold slaves, hate ghey people, don’t give women rights…….and they are doing that RIGHT NOW!!

  2. Columbus was responsible for genocide of indigenous American people. History quiz…Native Americans killed and conquered other Native American tribes. I know, it’s so un-PC.

    1. Columbus was a exlporer who opened up America to Europe to settle in. Columbus was not a military leader who brought a invading army to personally invade the native Americans.
      The native Americans were too low IQ and primitive to fight off any European invaders who were much more technologically advanced, the native Americans were doomed to be conquered.
      These protesters are low IQ people part of a Marxist communist movement who are trying to destroy America’s culture all across America, their mission is to destroy America.

      1. Talk to them they are part of a group called FTP, they say it stands for “for the people”.. they are communist based and spew nothing but hate…. you can find them on fb… their leader is josh chappell….what a loon… his parents must be proud

  3. These people are being led by Democrap Marxist communists who want to tear down America’s culture and destroy America. The government leaders should never give into their demands but they do because many of them are Democrap Marxist communists.

  4. How are Darwin statues holding up. I know he was a Racist so I’m sure he’s next.

      1. Especially if it falls on one of those filthy cokaroaches heads waving that filthy Meheeeeco Rag Flag.
        These people are all Marxist communist democraps, they are all across America trying to tear down our history, culture and ultimately destroy America.

  5. We need to remove all statues and monuments. No matter how you look at it they are going to offend someone.

    1. Give them an inch they will take a mile…. if you start giving things up you will soon loose your freedom

  6. It’s actually the fault of the Muslims who blocked the trade routes to the orient. If not for them Columbus would never have needed to do what he did. Another evil we can lay at the feet of the devil worshiping Muslims.

  7. Heres you duncils. Boo colombus, he was a dck according to history 600 years ago. Now im gonna go vote for a child rapist… fools have zero crirical thinking, just as your handlers molded you too be, stupid

  8. Did not the Mexicans Drive out the indigenous people of the Southwest? I have to assume they also enslaved a few. Does this mean we need to drive out all the people of Mexican heritage, tear down statues of them, and change all the names of parks and buildings in the southwest? After all, did they not do the same thing as ColumBus?

  9. I am offended by the Horse statues at Briargate and 83. They need to be removed. Horses were brought here as slaves from Europe. They still to this day are oppressed and forced into slavery of humans. We need to end this abomination to earth and free the horses.

  10. I know! Why don’t we reflect reality and put a statue of a Viking up there??? Ragnar would do in a pinch even though it was not he who landed on this continent, settled, had an issue with the locals and left but still first settled and all….

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