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Hickenlooper discusses U.S. Senate race against Gardner


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Two political heavyweights will be going head to head in November for one of Colorado's seats in the US Senate.

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper beat Andrew Romanoff in Tuesday's primary and will now go on to challenge the incumbent Republican Senator Cory Gardner. The former governor, now Democratic U.S. Senate nominee, John Hickenlooper, says he was surprised and thankful for his landslide victory in Colorado's primary.

“The thing that I was proudest of was that we won every county except one," Hickenlooper says.

Hickenlooper says this upcoming race will be the toughest one he's mounted so far. "Cory Gardner is very skilled and he is going to find those positions that allow him to kind of navigate towards the middle or at least create that appearance," Hickenlooper says.

Despite being called the most vulnerable Republican in the nation after Colorado's 2018 election, Gardner told us in February that he doesn't believe we are as blue as people believe. "Look at 2018, massive tax increases were defeated across the state, an attack on TABOR was defeated in Colorado. That's not a state that has gone blue," Gardner says.

Political analyst Josh Dunn agrees Gardner will be a tough opponent for Hickenlooper, saying, “I think that if anyone were going to give Hickenlooper a run for his money in this campaign it would be someone like Senator Gardner.”

Dunn says Hickenlooper is still the front runner at this time. Dunn believes in order for Gardner to win, he will have to go on the attack. Hickenlooper is also vulnerable after an ethics committee ruled he violated the Colorado Constitution for inappropriately accepting gifts as governor.

"I think the Gardner campaign is going to try to use those ethics problems with Hickenlooper pretty effectively," Dunn said. "They are going to have to if they are going to win."

That's something Hickenlooper is anticipating, saying, "If you can't run on your record what do you do? You attack your opponent no matter what."

Dunn also says President Donald Trump's polling in Colorado could also impact Gardner's re-election. “I think that in order for Gardner to have a chance, you are going to have to see President Trump actually significantly improve his performance in Colorado otherwise you are just going to risk dragging down the ticket on the Republican side all the way down,” Dunn says.

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Chase Golightly

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  1. Soooo Dems voted for the guy who as Gov. was found guilty of ethics complaints? Boy, you can’t make this up!!!

    Do you think he won’t do this as a Senator in DC? Hahahahahahaha
    He is disgusting.

    1. He’s also the guy that said he is not Senator material last year during his meteoric (in that it caught fire and crashed) presidential campaign.

    1. That’s physically impossible….but in the Liberal world you can be a woman who is a man or a man who is a woman or a man who is a woman who identifies and man but wants the rights of a women but then when it is time to be a man who chickens out and reverts to a woman……..reality does not matter.

      Hick was still found guilty by a panel of Dems! That says something.

  2. The Democratic party needs to pay for reparations, that means, every registered Democratic voter today needs to pay for reparations.

    1. Like it or not, he was duly elected for two terms as our Governor. And he did more than you will ever admit for our state.

  3. Republican, Democrat two half’s of the same beast. Neither of the groups are looking out for “We the People”. They both are only looking out for their own best interests and sadly that usually means they vote, not for their constituents want, but for what the lobbyist(s) paid them to vote for. America lost a lot of our freedom a long time ago and until this is fixed, we can’t get back on track. Do not misunderstand America has the ability and capacity to be a amazing nation that inspires and works with other nations, but America hasn’t done that for over 80 years at least. Love my Country, Fear my Government.

      1. He was elected and then became a joke. There is a difference. How he got his second term is surprising but not as his opponent was not even close to being Gov material. So people just went default and re elected him. That is the joke about the joke named Hick.

  4. “Despite being called the most vulnerable Republican in the nation after Colorado’s 2018 election, Gardner told us in February that he doesn’t believe we are as blue as people believe.”
    And Gardner will continue to argue that until he’s blue in the face, which will be in November.

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