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New mom gets fresh start with affordable housing in Colorado Springs

Greccio's Rocky Mountain's first tenants, Kayleen Thompson and her son, Justin.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - Amidst the opening of a new affordable housing apartment complex, one Colorado Springs woman is getting a chance to start over with her newborn son.

Rocky Mountain ribbon cutting, courtesy of Greccio Facebook Page.

Greccio's Rocky Mountain complex opened its doors to its first tenants during a ribbon cutting Monday, after months of renovating.

Kayleen Thompson told KRDO she had been living in a local shelter before she scored the first unit at Rocky Mountain. Before that, she says she was homeless.

Thompson told us she knew she had to turn her life around when she got pregnant with her baby boy, Justin. Thompson said she tried applying for section 8 housing but was put on a two and a half year waiting list.

"I was like trying my hardest to get in the best environment and stuff so this little guy can have a good life."

Thompson explained that finding housing under 800 dollars in Colorado Springs is nearly impossible.

"There's not really a lot that will really work with you, like if you've had evictions or if you owe past landlords or anything like that," she said. "So it was a godsend to get in here. Like, it's beyond words -- I don't even have words to describe the emotions."

For information on how you can find affordable housing in the area, you can check out the Colorado Springs Housing Authority's website here.

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Julia Donovan

Julia is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Julia here.



    1. What they really want is FREE housing.
      Gov. tax payer funded everything.
      Sooooo sorry you got pregnant and needed to turn your life around but it is not anyone else responsibility to take care of you.
      Sorry I’m bitter for taking care of business and paying for what I want and need.
      Saaaay, I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow to feed my family. Who wants to make it affordable(pay for) for me? No lobster and steaks because I’m not on SNAP.

      1. How about some daddy help. My son have to pay back all of the TANF and other benefits his now wife received while they were separated.

      2. ManCaveVet: Nobody owes you a damn thing because you are a veteran. SOoooooo sorry you joined the army, or whatever. Soooooo sorry you chose to get shot at. Let me guess: You are receiving government assistance. I could give a shit about you being a veteran, like all the other homeless in town claiming to be. We don’t owe you a thing.

        1. See, I am not looking for sympathy for decisions I made in life.
          Yes, I do get a retirement check but that was not the goal when I enlisted. Do the research and it is far less then Gov. employees get. I am not a politician so I can’t vote for myself to receive retirement increases for far less service to my country.
          I’m not complaining about what I get. I work as well and I don’t mind. I enjoy my job.
          Nobody owes me anything and I don’t need folks to thank me for my service. I made that decision on my own.
          You can gripe all you want but I pay my mortgage and am doing quite well.
          How much of your money are you giving to this woman or anyone for that matter? Why should you? What does it teach people when you subsidize failure and poor choices? We just make excuses for them and set them up for failure. The welfare state, THAT is the problem. Why is it we can’t feed the wild animals? It is against the law to feed them. Can you tell me why?

      3. She is not a new mom she has 3 kids and got them taken away because she was doing drugs with random people all while having her kids in the room. If she wanted a good life for her kids she wouldn’t of chose drugs over them then get knocked up again and cry for help. Yes I’m all for forgiveness and helping others but when you treated your kids like shit you don’t deserve a damn thing!

  1. Look I AM a single parent and shit aint easy….and as for affordable? for a 2 bdrm apt with a little under 800 sqft cost me 950.00 a month and THAT was considered CHEAP!!! absolutely ridiculous!!

    1. Well how much SHOULD you have to pay? Can you improve YOUR life so you can afford it?
      Should the owner LOSE money?
      Is that how you would run your real estate?

  2. Housing in Colorado Springs is insane. If you can buy a house with a mortgage lower than the cost of rent on an apartment then something is wrong. To think that a tiny apartment for $950 is cheap is crazy.

  3. I hope she becomes a great success story and turns it all the way around and gets off assistance all together. I can’t stand the homeless holding signs and stumbling into traffic, either. Drives me nuts. But if we can help a percentage of them turn it around, get off the corners, and on their own, then it’s a good thing. ManCavVet should be ashamed of herself. Here’s one for you, honey: Nobody owes you a damn thing either because you are a veteran. Not a damn thing. So sorry you joined the army. So sorry you had no other choice but to stay uneducated. You should have done better in High School, sweetie.

    1. Heard it all before toots. I’m a male…because the other option is female. 2 Genders like God created.
      I hope she is successful as well but not at the cost of others and due to her seeing she is responsible for her own future. I tell you I would not choose to assist her. Your type sit there and say how you would but in reality won’t lift a finger or give up your hard earned money to people like this.
      Again, where have I ever claimed I am owed something or need thanks for my service?

    2. First half of your paragraph is great.

      Not sure why you are focusing the second half on something.

      That isn’t the important part here.

      Mom gets housing.

  4. Judge not lest ye be judged 10x harsher.
    Do any of you think I asked for Stage 4 cancer?
    Does anyone think that my husband really liked Driving for Sygma Foods for 70+ hours a week until it almost k! lled him, but just left him broken-minded instead?
    I am glad I listened to God and came here from San Antonio over 5 years ago.
    My small family would be gone by now.
    Please be happy for a brother or sister that has gotten help.
    Don’t condemn then.

    1. oh and BTW I DO have a house payment for a 4 bdrm 2 bath home of about $800.00.
      I can’t deal with not living in Briargate.
      My neighborhood is crime-free and looked after.

      1. You have improved your life and that is something to be proud of.
        You didn’t wallow in self pity and you overcame!!
        Others here would try to get on the news and look for sympathy and handouts.

        They can learn from you. Perseverance and self determination. That is the lesson overlooked.
        $800 and in the B.G. area? Way to go.

  5. Good for mom. I hope all the people in all the affordable housing places do their best.

    These other ‘homeless’ crapping in the alleys, along the bike path, middle of the street. Housing isn’t going to help. And please; nobody tell me why it is ok to not even attempt to dig a hole; or cover up with sticks and twigs and leaves their pile of crap.

    The kids dad should be tracked down and made to do his part. Good for tax dollars working; and so should the dad be also.

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