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Nearly 90 applicants on first day of selection process for police accountability advisory board in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Dozens of citizens expressed interest Wednesday in joining the proposed police accountability advisory board that the City Council is presently considering.

As of late afternoon, 87 people had submitted online applications and resumes, said Michael Montgomery, the deputy City Council administrator overseeing the city's 50 boards, committees and commissions.

"That's what we've received since applications started at noon," he said. "I think we expected that. There's been a lot of interest and people wanting to be involved. The Council wants to move quickly on this."

During a Tuesday work session, the Council directed Montgomery to begin taking applications to get ahead in the process. The proposed board could be approved by the Council as early as its next regular meeting on Tuesday.

On the Monday before, however, the Council will hold its third work session in two weeks to discuss the matter before voting.

City Council President Richard Skorman said the Council members would select members of the board, and how that would be done is part of Monday's agenda.

"I'd like to see us receive applications for a week, maybe two," he said. "We're off to a good start with nearly 90 candidates. We haven't decided yet how many members would be on the board, but we want to appoint people who are most affected by police issues, as well as community leaders and people who are familiar with the law enforcement profession and how it works."

Skorman said if the Council isn't ready to vote on the matter next week, it will come up again at its first regular meeting in July.

"But I think we're ready to vote the board into being," he said. "Police support it, too. They understand the need for it."

To apply for a position on the board, visit:

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Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. And what is the requirement for this? Education level? How about experience in Law Enforcement?

    Or just “I hate the Police”?

    This better be a free position and not tax payer funded. Use that money to fix the roads.

    1. You don’t read things very well, do you! You could always follow the link to find out the requirements, or do you expect everyone else to do our leg-work for you?

  2. Lord help us all because I’m pretty sure these ‘volunteers’, most of which are likely from activist groups, won’t help any of us at all.

  3. Just to make it clear, that if you Commit a Crime, Are Caught, COPPING AN Attitude, Must Never, Ever BE An Acceptable Response, NOR Should Fighting An Officer Of The LAW Be ANOTHER! “Yes Officer”, “No Officer”, are Appropriate. Live to see The Court Date, if such must be, please.

  4. The career of being in law enforcement is heading towards the top of the list of worst jobs in America.
    Police in Atlanta Ga. walked off the job because of murder charges filed against a officer who was clearly defending his life.
    If a group of cop hating people with no LE experience, education or training are put on a committee they will not objectively judge police who in the heat of battle, who often have to make a life or death decision in a fraction of a second, use lethal force.
    Police will start refusing to answer calls where they may have to confront someone who will try to kill them, who they may have to kill in self defense, because of fear they will be charged with murder.
    The city would be wise to stop the pursuit of this committee, it will result in low police moral, fear to do their job, resignations with no applicants to replace them. The committee wil create a vacuum for LE and lead to more lawlessness in our crime ridden city leaving citizens no choice but to fill that vacuum.

    1. “… as well as community leaders and people who are familiar with the law enforcement profession and how it works.”

      You obviously don’t read too well either. And officers who don’t habitually abuse their power shouldn’t have a problem working with this. As with any crime, it’s the repeat offenders who are the main problem.

  5. I know you have not vetted all the applicants, so don’t act like YOU KNOW they will be competent enough to be objective.
    The push for the committee has been made largely by BLM (Black Looting Monsters) And pANTIFA MEMBERS/SUPPORTERS who HATE THE POLICE are violent American hating, white hating racist communist democraps on a mission to destroy America. They are the people who rioted, burned, looted, killed, injured and created mayhem in cities across America.
    These people are largely uneducated, have no skills or jobs, hate the police and would like no police and the privilege to comit crime free of consequences…..NOT Gonna happen.

    1. I didn’t state that they will ALL be competent enough to be objective. I just pointed out that they stated their intention to include some people who are familiar with the police and their procedures. You make so many negative ASSumptions about the people yourself, why not get involved to see that things are done correctly by your standards?
      However, I do agree with you that ALL LIVES MATTER. That’s one message that needs to be emphasized.

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