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Citizen police advisory board in the works in Colorado Springs

police standoff 11.17.19 Cropped

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- After near two weeks of protests in Colorado Springs for police reform, city council members say a police advisory board, of sorts, is in the works.

Monday, Mayor John Suthers explained, "I think we have to have a committee chosen by the council who will examine, as I say, very specific ways that we can promote telling police what their needs are, what their concerns are and educate the public about what they do."

On Tuesday, City Council President Richard Skorman opened their weekly session by saying, "This committee will get active right away. We care about it. We want to take some action."

Skorman explained a special work session will take place Thursday afternoon between council members, Suthers and Colorado Springs Police Chief Vince Niski on what the group will look like and how it will be formed.

The group will consist of one high-ranking law enforcement officer, a council member and members of the community. Skorman says the meetings and recommendations this group makes will be open to the public.

"We'd like to move forward with a good public process for this community to look at our police department, best practices, what we do right, what we could change, what we can do better, how we as a community can be able to trust," Skorman said.

After Thursday's work session, Skorman says they hope to have an application process and criteria for people interested in joining the group. Shortly after that, they hope to have the group finalized.

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Krystal Story

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  1. I would like to see the panel that will discuss the conduct of criminals and scumbags in the city.
    Shouldn’t they have rules to follow…something like saaayy LAWS that should be followed. You know that is a start to staying out of trouble and jail.

  2. foxes in charge of the henhouse is the first impression I had when I started reading this article. You would be SHOCKED at how many of these officially blessed men in costumes DO NOT know the LAW. Only what they have been taught by their local jokes. There should be consistent nationalized training for all cops across the nation.No LOCAL made up policies. You must apply for any variance or deviate from that. The standard should be consistent always and based on a much deeper study of case law and the Constitution.

  3. Then the board can advise citizens that the police are doing their job according to the law. This is not a police problem we have here. It is a cultural criminal problem. When you are raised to glorify the gangster / thug life, which mean hating any and all police this is what you get. The change needs to happen in culture and how kids are raised. They say we all now have to look at how we raise white kids so they don’t feel privileged or become racist. We also need to change they way minority kids are raised to respect the law and those who uphold it. Not feel it is their purpose in life to grow up to be a criminal. Just look at rap culture and unfortunately the low income culture. Fight everyone for what you Want(not need) and if not take it by force so you get street credit.

    1. Agree 100%. There is a ton of blame on both sides – black AND white. Racism is taught. The same way that hating police is taught and used as an excuse. I have been arrested once, and pulled over/ detained three times. Only 1 time was it justified. But I am a privileged white man supposedly. No, that thinking has to stop. Even though it was not justified 3 out of the 4 times, I was very respectful of the officers involved and THAT is why nothing bad happened. I didn’t argue. I didn’t start recording and be a smart@ss. I didn’t resist. I didn’t speed off in my car or run or do things that appeared threatening nor did I escalate the situation. THAT is why I walked away just fine each time. I was taught to respect the law. So I did and no harm, no foul. I also grew up being just as respectful and friendly to all races because I was taught racism is wrong. These are the teachings that all races need to give their children. We are all much more the same than different and if we just got to know each other, this wouldn’t be an ongoing issue.

  4. I think it’s an excellent idea, PROVIDED it’s populated by common-sense citizens who’ve been around the block a time or three. I’m talking about people who’ve had neighbors both good and bad, lived in wonderful neighborhoods as well as those riddled with crime, and everything in between. People who’ve had experience both following the rules as well as managing others, including maintaining good stability and relations with people at all levels.

    If they allow agenda-driven idiots on the board, they’ll wind up driving out all common sense while driving the effectiveness of our police force into the ground.

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