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Day 10: Protests continue in Colorado Springs while Mayor, CSPD chief discuss policy

richard sherwood protest pic Cropped
June 7 protests in Colorado Springs; Photo: Richard Sherwood

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Monday marks the 10th day that protestors have gathered in downtown Colorado Springs asking for police reform in the city.

"At a minimum, like, we need to have accountability across the board," said Scott Silver, a protestor standing in front of City Hall.

Others like Calli Stapleton says she'd like, "the Mayor, and senators, and city council to really address our protests and our community. I really don't want them to sit behind closed doors. It would be really nice if they came down here and talked to us."

These demands are coming as Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers and Police Chief Vince Niski joined the city's podcast, "Behind the Springs" to address some of the controversy.

"I do not favor giving a group of unelected officials not having any expertise in policing the power to determine the procedures and protocols of a police department," Mayor Suthers said on Monday.

The mayor explained he doesn't have a problem with a group of people reviewing and making recommendations to a police department if they're elected by the people.

"I think we have to have a committee chosen by the council who will examine, as I say, very specific ways that we can promote telling police what their needs are, what their concerns are, and education the public about what they do," he explained.

Listen to the whole conversation here.

During the podcast, Colorado Springs Police Chief, Vince Niski explains a group of city leaders came together earlier this year to discuss communication between police and the community, but he recently asked protest organizers to get involved as well.

"Really we need their voice, as well as we need community leaders. We've asked them to join that group so that we get the voice of the people," Niski said.

This comes as the use-of-force policy for Denver Police announced a change over the weekend banning all chokeholds, require SWAT officers to wear body cameras during every operation, and require officers to file a use-of-force report anytime they point a firearm at a suspect -- even if they don't shoot.

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  1. The mayor and the police chief are the problem. Get rid of them and the problem will be solved.

    1. Soooo it is not the criminals?
      If you get rid of them crime will plummet?
      Can you show us the proof or explain how you come to that brilliant idea?
      How would YOU reduce crime? What exactly is YOUR plan?

    2. I’m sorry I just can’t take your post seriously. No doubt it’s this kind of mentality and thought process swimming amongst the swarm.

  2. So, they want only elected people to have a voice in how we are policed. We may not have the ‘expertise’ in police procedures and policy, but the people are on the receiving end of those. We have the right to express our concerns, elected or not. The mayor needs to think about the citizens of this city, not just the businesses.

    1. The mayor is thinking about the citizens. He is thinking of the hundreds of thousands of people that understand that the killing of George Floyd was wrong, but are still being productive members of society. The voice of the citizens was heard the first day.

  3. “Defund the police”. Go ahead, the communities screaming the loudest are then ones that need them the most. My neighborhood, thugs come get some-we’ll defend ourselves. The ghetto, sure see how that goes when there’s no cops around……

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