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Denver Police to ban chokeholds, require body cameras for SWAT

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Denver Police Department announced new policy changes related to uses of force Sunday after 11 days of rallies in downtown Denver protesting police brutality.

The new policies ban all chokeholds, require SWAT officers to wear body cameras during every operation and require officers to file a use-of-force report anytime they point a firearm at a suspect -- even if they don't shoot, according to a media release from the Denver Police Department.

Denver police chief Paul Pazen told his Use of Force Committee about the changes Sunday afternoon.

“We will continue to evaluate our policies with community input and make improvements as needed in the interest of public and officer safety,” Chief of Police Paul Pazen said.

The media release said the new policies were created through collaboration with DPD’s Use of Force Committee and with consideration of recommendations from the Center for Policing Equity.

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  1. And when officers “forget” to turn the body cameras on will they be fired?

    And use of force reports even for pointing a weapon. Hope these reports are 50 pages required minimum. Baffle them with paperwork. Might save life.

    Call me skeptical.

    1. What you will actually accomplish is that nobody who is any good will ever want to be a cop and the only people who will apply will be the worst candidates. You will do a fine job making things worse.

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