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Day 6: Colorado Springs protest against police brutality

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - People gathered in downtown Colorado Springs for the sixth consecutive day Thursday to protest against police brutality in honor of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis.

KRDO reporter Julia Donovan asked protesters what change they want to come of the demonstrations here, and all across the country, over the last week.

"I want the police brutality to stop and I want everybody to be treated equal," said David Burke.

Some of the people said they think the change needs to come from the top, down.

"The entire system needs a complete overhaul and it needs to be more focused on - even in our prisons - rehabilitation instead of violence," protester Alayna Tamez argued. "We need laws that are strictly against brutality. Because if they're here to protect us, then we need to feel protected, and there doesn't need to be this distrust between the citizens and the police officers."

Others said they just want lawmakers to start the conversation, and plan legislation -- which we're already seeing in our State House of Representatives and Senate.

"I think now is the time to really carry this momentum and bring it into politics -- bring our voice back into politics," said Ayiana Tomrdle.

Above all, the protesters told us they just want people to know this is about more than signs and chanting.

"You can make a change, we can make a change - if we just come together, work together and focus on the right people doing the right thing," Tomrdle explained.

Follow KRDO reporter Chase Golightly as he covers the nighttime side of the protests Thursday:

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Julia Donovan

Julia is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Julia here.



  1. I am soooo tired of hearing about the protests… Now the police are under attack by a bill being supported by Leroy Garcia which puts police at risk…. F*** all of the politicians… if you are all so tired of police stop calling them… politicians stop using them for your protection… If what I am hearing is accurate about the new bill the blue flu is coming and you can all protect yourselves from the vermin on the street. This is the society the democrats want, one where they take care of you but yet they cannot take care of themselves… ask Mr Garcia how his domestic situation is???

    1. If you’re soooo tired of hearing it, stop listening. There are many other people who care about what’s happening to our society and want to keep listening.

  2. All 4 (former) Police Officer have been charge to some degree in the death of Floyde. Time to lay the ‘protests’ aside. As violence ramps up, so will defenses. If Any person is Over-Charged in A Suspected crime and proceedings don’t support the Charges, may be the juries will go for lesser charges, but once a person is Acquitted, Due to Double Jeopardy Law, THAT particular crime is dead, never to be prosecuted again, and a New Offence would be required to go after them. In response to the sign asking about Melanin being “Offensive”, the question could be reversed and asked if Lack of the equal level of Melanin is “Offensive” to those with more.

    1. I’ll answer the question for you blacks are the racist ones now. they can’t put the past behind them they want to live in the past with butthurt.

  3. Nice to see them still protesting. Keep up the great work. For those crying about the protest, you are part of the problem. Laws need to be passes so police departments stop abusing citizens. Great example is CSPD when they decided to mace citizens. When you have a very old police chief like they do, these are the results you get.

  4. Hey protesters, I do not support you at all, go home!! Existing laws will deal with the few abusive, law breaking police.

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