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Protesters outside of the Police Operations Center in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — A group of protesters are outside the Police Operations Center at Rio Grande St. and Nevada Ave. Police are telling people it is an unlawful presence and telling them to disperse.

There are reports some people tried to climb the fence at the POC. We're working to confirm that.

CSPD tweeted several protesters in front of the Police Operations Center engaged in criminal activity. Police said although several lawful orders were given to disperse, protesters failed to comply.

Police tweeted that officers used chemical irritants into the crowd in order to disperse the gathering.

CSPD is asking people to avoid the downtown area as they work to bring the protest back to a peaceful state.

KRDO reporter Zachary Aedo is there now. He says at least one person was arrested.

Willis Scott

Willis Scott is an evening anchor for KRDO. Learn more about Willis here.



  1. I fully support people protesting lawfully, especially in the case of George Floyd. But as soon as activities become unlawful, the demonstrators have sunk to the level of those against whom they claim to be protesting, and their protests lose all credibility.

    1. Of course, it’s quite possible in this case that the unlawful activities are white supremacists, who are trying to discredit the black population.

      1. You liberals are stunned, these people that are rioting are your base and people that you pander to. The only time liberals listen to blackS are during an election year.

      2. Yes, there is that possibility, but I doubt that is the case except for very few cases. Much more prevalent are those that seek to escalate the level of violence and destruction for political motives and those vultures from within these communities they see this as a chance to expand the population they prey on regularly.

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