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One of the top athletes from the Class of 2020, Pine Creek’s Rece Rowan is going to Missouri to throw the discus and shot put

Even though he graduated with a 3.45 grade point average, Rece Rowan had an ulterior motive when he gave track and field a try his sophomore year,
"Kind of a funny story but my buddies Wyatt and Danny both told me you know just do it get out of school and I was like alright, fine let's do it. I'll do it to get out of school, ended up doing alright at it," says Pine Creek senior, Rece Rowan.

He is more than alright at it. Next year he will throw the discus and the shot put at the University of Missouri, "You know I chose Missouri because there blue collar guys that-they all want go out there and get better everyday and go win a championship, says Rowan, Whether it's S-E-C or nationals. Just a couple of dudes that want it."

"He's the best athlete I've ever seen. First time I saw him I knew he'd be a state champion," says Pine Creek track and field coach, Marshall Smith.

This year he was a state champion in football but he didn't get a chance to be an individual state champion in the discus or the shot put because of the coronavirus crisis, "Oh he would have won, no doubt," says Smith.

"There were some nights were I was laying there thinking man this sucks but I just said forget it, high school is behind you, let's go get better for college," says Rowan.

Rece will no longer get to enjoy time with his high school peers but if you think about he has only been throwing for two years so there could be some more trophy's in his future, "You don't see speed, size, attitude, smarts, determination, it's a complete package," says Smith.
"When you commit to doing in athletics you always want to go to the highest, do it on the highest platform, when I put all my eggs in one basket, I'm going to try and go give everything I've got," says Smith.

Rob Namnoum

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