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Hot, dry spring predicted for southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado could see a warmer and dryer than average spring, which is bad news for fire danger this summer.

The Climate Prediction Center produces a three-month precipitation/temperature outlook for the United States, and the most recent report says Coloradans could be seeing warm and dry weather at least through June.

Recent water temperature data gathered across the Pacific ocean is indicating a neutral El Nino Pattern through the spring and summer months. That means the Polar Jet Stream will be ridging over the western United States as the Subtropical Jet Stream approaches the southern United States.

The Three Month Temperature Outlook is a direct result of this pattern.

Overall, warmer weather is expected across much of the country during this time frame. The orange coloring is suggesting a 33%-40% probability of above-average temperatures through June. For Colorado Springs residents that means there is a good chance of experiencing average daily temperatures above 56.8F.

The Three Month Precipitation Outlook is indicating dryer than average conditions for southwestern Colorado with near-average conditions for central and eastern Colorado.

May through August are on average the wettest months in Colorado Springs. And with a potentially hot and dry first half of that time frame, we'll have to be extra aware of the fire danger heading into this summer.

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Sam Postich

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