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Trump approves disaster declaration for Colorado amid virus

DENVER (AP) - President Donald Trump has approved a disaster declaration for Colorado, assuring additional federal assistance for the state, tribal and local response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Gov. Jared Polis had requested the designation, saying it will level the playing field related to federal disaster funding. State officials said Saturday that at least 44 people have died and more than 2,060 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Colorado.

Also, survey results released Saturday by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment show a large majority of Coloradans are “very concerned” about the coronavirus and are taking extra precautions to keep the community healthy.

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  1. I was hearing maybe they might let some of the younger workers go back o work,, a lot of older workers work cause they have to ,they live paycheck to paycheck so if you only let the young go back you might as well to get ready to bury a lot of older people . i say let them make the call if they want to work let them

    1. “i say let them make the call if they want to work let them”
      Most people don’t have the medical knowledge to fully evaluate the possible consequences and it doesn’t just affect those who might choose to go back to work.
      It’s clear you have no compassion for your fellow man (or woman). Just always looking after #1 like President Trump… 🙄

  2. What would a case by case report of every death, daily infection totalsof the seasonal flu look like, worse or better than the Corona virus?

    A reasonable question.

    10’s of thousands die, 100’s of thousands hospitalized, infected every single year by the flu.

  3. It would be nice if everyone went back to work, but democraps are in favor of people not working.

    1. And WHO just announced social distancing till April 30th? Trump has played into every bit of this. US citizens are going to be financially screwed for decades over his panicked decisions!

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