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Rampart High School reaches big milestone during 2020 ‘Bald For Bucks’ fundraiser

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Anyone who's had a connection with Academy District 20 in the last 16 years is likely very familiar with what's arguably the most enthusiastic annual fundraiser in Colorado Springs.

It's called Bald For Bucks, and 300 members of Rampart High School -- students, faculty and staff -- shaved their heads Friday to raise money for cancer research. It continues to gain steam as one of the most impressive high school fundraisers in the country.

“It’s important to me as a person because my dad actually passed away two years ago. He had stage-four colon cancer," said Caitlyn Tabeling, Rampart's student council Bald For Bucks chair.

Tabeling, like several of her fellow students, is passionate about Bald For Bucks because cancer has affected them personally; they know how important cancer research is and how crucial the community plays a part in raising money for that research.

In fact, Rampart and D-20 are so in tune with the importance of raising money for cancer research, they've raised roughly a half million dollars since the fundraiser's inception back in 2004.

All of the money goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and they are the first high school in the country to raise that much money for LLS. The non-profit recognized the high school on Friday as being their number-one largest high-school fundraiser in the country.

"The fact they’re funding cancer treatment therapy, I mean we’ve even seen Nora have the ability to change her protocol partway through due to research," said Jared Eben, whose daughter, Nora, is currently battling leukemia and was one of two children honored as Rampart's "Hero Children" on Friday.

Nora's mother, Jessica Eben, called Friday's event "mind-blowing."

"So much bigger than we expected," she said with a big smile on her face.

Rampart High is hoping to raise more than $70,000 on Friday for cancer research. The school rasied $76,000 last year for LLS.

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