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House passes Colorado bill to abolish Columbus Day, replace with new Italian tradition

Columbus Day

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Last Wednesday, the Colorado House of Representatives passed a bill that would remove the state's recognition of Columbus Day.

The bill, HB20-1031, was approved 37-26 in the House and is now in the Colorado Senate.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian voyager who explored the Americas and Caribbean Islands on behalf of Spain during the 15th and 16th centuries. Supporters of the bill says Columbus committed numerous atrocities against the native tribes in the areas he visited.

Previous bills had been proposed to the Colorado State Legislature, but have failed to make it to the Governor's desk.

HB20-1031 is different from past attempts to repeal Columbus Day in Colorado because it would replace the controversial holiday with a new one. The new holiday would recognize Italian humanitarian and former Colorado resident Frances Xavier Cabrini.

In 1904, Cabrini established Denver's Queen of Heaven Orphanage for girls.
In 1910, she founded a summer camp for the orphanage’s residents in
Golden, Colorado. Currently, a shrine stands in her honor at the original
location of the summer camp in Golden. The shrine includes the “Stone
House," listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cabrini Day would recognize its namesake's dedication to humanitarian values and lifelong service, especially to the Italian-American community.

If the Senate and Gov. Jared Polis approve the bill, Cabrini Day would be the first Colorado state holiday named after a woman.

Cabrini Day would take place on the first Monday in October. It would be a paid holiday for state employees and the bill would remove state sanction of Columbus Day, which occurs one week later than the proposed date.

At least seven states and more than 125 cities have repealed and replaced Columbus Day.

It’s an especially controversial topic in Colorado — the first state to recognize Columbus Day as a state holiday in 1907, according to the Denver Post.

Many in Pueblo consider the city to be the birthplace of Columbus. Here is where dissension on the issue has been fierce, and this bill doesn't appear to be changing that.

“Mother Cabrini in place of Columbus? That's absolutely a good compromise,” said Rita Martinez, a Columbus Day protest organizer in Pueblo since 1992. "We don't think it's a bad replacement at all, and I think the Italian community should be really excited about all this and celebrate this."

However, the Son's of Italy believe this bill is just another veiled attempt
to attack people of Italian heritage and their holiday.

"Frances Cabrini is of course well respected in the Italian community but this is a slippery slope," said Jerry Carleo, with Pueblo's Son's of Italy chapter. "Once you go down that slope there are no edges that will protect anybody else. So what's the next step? Someone doesn't like thanksgiving? Oh well we need to get rid of thanksgiving. Who makes that determination?"

Carleo believes HB20-1031 is a step in the wrong direction for the Colorado State Legislature.

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a bureau reporter based out of Pueblo. Learn more about Dan here.



    1. What are you talking about we do not have any problem with people being homeless, The roads are all in top conditions, no crime to speak of, and the state has a great public transportation system. What more do you want? 🙂 .

    1. The Mexican American lobby had more to do with this than white Americans, they are the leading protesters every year.
      They want to rewrite American history and are destroying our great culture and historical figures, they have had Columbus, a brave explorer, day in their sites for years. Many of them belive a large swath of America still belongs to Mexico and seek to reconquer it. Then they want us to celebrate their Stinko De Mayo.
      Columbus day is a federal holiday the seditious communist/globalist politicians behind this travesty against America’s culture need to be fired come election time.

  1. We The People of Colorado seem to never get the opportunity to VOTE for anything anymore. The Dems do it for us. To do away with American traditions little-by-little is exactly what occurred during the Cultural Revolution in the People’s Republic of China referring to “The Four Olds” They did away with their Old Customs, Culture, Habits, and Ideas, when the Communist assumed power. What striking similarities!

  2. Columbus was a brave explorer who discovered new land not a military leader who embarked on a mission of conquest. The natives were very primitive with little technology relative to the Europeans who had tall ships and superior weapons. The native people were doomed to being conquered by the europeans who wanted to settle in America and control its resources.

    Anyone other than native Americans can give thanks to Columbus for being in America and he deserves the holiday.

    Removing Columbus day is just another attack on America’s culture by communist/globalists,mostly democraps who are on a mission to destroy America.

    They want to villainize Columbus a great, brave explorere just like they have and continue to do to all of America’s great historical figures. This has to be stopped, the sedititious politicians behind this are the real villains.

  3. Why still celebrate an Italian. Why NOT celebrate Leif Eriksson, who actually stepped foot on North America nearly 500 years BEFORE Columbus was even born? Give credit where credit is due, give it to the Icelanders, not the Italians.

    1. If that is even true what good was it if Leif did not share his discovery with anyone. It was Columbus who discovered the Americas and brought back that discovery to Europe which led to the Europeans coming to Americato settle and control its resources.

      Any one in America, other than the natives, owe thanks to Columbus for being in America, not to Leif Eriksson. Leif Erickson is just a strawman used by those, who for whatever reason, donot like an Italian getting the credit he deserves for opening up a new land for Europeans, Cloumbus.

      1. Columbus didn’t discover America. He found land on the other side of the world, most notably the west indies. So he was close. Amerigo found America…… thus the name.

        1. So all these claims of Columbus killing natives is a total lie, since he never was here, got ya.
          You are just another one of many silly Columbus history revisionists who is full of hot air.

          Columbus paved the way for eEuropeans to settle in America and he did it without killing the natives, he was an exlporer not a military leader, historical fact.

  4. I notice the change will still keep a (paid) state holiday, that’s nice. Maybe if the sky screamers knew a little more about Columbus, they’d back off and maybe try to remove Cortez’s and Coronado’s names from anything in Colorado.

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