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Neighbors remain concerned about proposal to build houses on Springs Ranch Golf Course

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Neighbors who live along the Springs Ranch Golf Course are facing a dilemma: the golf course itself may soon be a distant memory.

The city's planning commission voted unanimously last Thursday to approve a rezoning request that would allow developers to build houses on the golf course -- a project titled Greenways at Sand Creek.

We reported on the development last year, when rumors of the project were confirmed.

But for those who paid a premium to live along a golf course, they're looking at seeing their value dwindle as the greens are replaced with streets.

According to a release from Lou Morales, the team leader of 8 of 21 homeowners' associations affected by the proposed development, the matter will now go before the City Council for final action.

Morales said that although he has mixed feelings about the planning commission's approval, he's glad that opposition to the initial plan has forced the developer, Classic Homes, to make concessions.

"We've gotten most of our demands met," he said. "The project allows for nearly 70 acres of open space after an initial proposal of about 15 acres. We still have issues [about] how the city will maintain it."

Morales also is concerned about how the development will affect traffic, wildlife, wetlands and drainage in the area.

"We need a more in-depth traffic study," he said. "Not just for this proposed project, but to include other developments as this area keeps growing."

Morales said homeowners who don't want their scenic views ruined by development will have to get used to it, if it happens.

"There's nothing to guarantee they will always have those views," he said. "That may be a hard thing to accept, but that's how it is. Most of us aren't against development. We just want it to be managed properly."

Officials at Classic Homes did not respond to KRDO's request for comment Monday.

"What I've heard is Classic wants to build between 600 and 1,000 homes and apartments," Morales said. "It'll take them 10 years to build that out. We're going to have impacts that whole time. That's why we're so concerned about the project."

The project is scheduled to come before the City Council on March 24.

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. If “WE THE PEOPLE” of Colorado Springs don’t start holding these local politicians accountable, and stop being distracted by the shiny bright orange object in Washington; we’re gonna wake up to a city unaffordable for the average person to live, no matter what side of town you live on. Some of these politicians are obviously only loyal to theses developers, which I’m more than sure donated to their campaigns. WE must demand better!

  2. This is happening all over. Home built near courses, but not part of the course figure they will have nice surroundings and increased resale value forever with a course next door. They don’t join the club, don’t really ever golf there, then are amazed that a golf course owner, paying years of upkeep on the course, clubhouse, carts and any other amenities, suddenly decides the numbers say it is time to sell the property to developers.
    They had better hop that the new developer does not do what was done close to my home. First week of development work, bulldozers went through a cleared several acres of what was tree-lined fairways into one flat bare swath. Mature trees were dumped whole into megashredders. Almost a year later, they are still trenching and grading for all the utility lines, water mains, sewer lines.
    If you want that nearby course to stay open, go spend some money there.

  3. Unless those homes have it written into the deed regarding a guaranteed view, greenbelt, x amount of setback, it’s just been nice all these years.
    Love it or list it, before it gets all ripped up.

  4. Fact is Colorado Springs NEEDS more housing, and we DON’T NEED a golf course…….don’t stop progress learn to live it.

  5. If they are so concerned they should pool their money and buy it so they can keep it like they like it. Also you are dreaming of you think they are going to leave that much open space. They are going to tell you whatever you want to hear and then they are going to do whatever they want with their land.

  6. How many $25 rounds of golf would it take to make as much bank as even 20 new homes?

    Green is color of the golf course. Green dollar bills.

  7. More over priced McMansions and apartments, bringing more people into the city to futher congest are already congested poorly maintained roads.

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