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Pueblo officer follows tracks to help 2 kids get their stolen bikes back

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Pueblo police officer who responded to a bicycle theft Tuesday morning found not one, but two stolen bikes.

Officer Joe Cardona responded to the call on the 2000 block of Belmont after a 10-year-old reported having their bike stolen from their yard.

He noticed tracks in the snow and began following the trail to a home of Sitter Place. That's where the officer says he found the child's bike with flat tires.

Cardona knocked on the door of the home and a child answered, saying he had never seen the bike that was left there with flat tires; but he then noticed that his own bike was missing.

Cardona took the first missing bike into his cruiser, and continued down the path to an apartment complex on Cambridge Avenue. That's where he found the thief and the second missing bike under the entryway to the building.

The bikes were returned to the young boys. The suspected bike thief was a homeless man who said he was addicted to heroin for at least two years. He was charged with 2 counts of theft and enrolled in the LEAD program to help with his addiction, police said.

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