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Overnight explosions trigger fire at Pueblo homeless camp

Photo courtesy Pueblo Police

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) - Investigators believe exploding propane tanks at a homeless camp triggered a fire in Pueblo.

A Pueblo police officer says she heard two explosions near 4th St. and Chester Ave., shortly before 3 a.m. Thursday. She requested assistance then began to investigate. She found a homeless camp along Fountain Creek, engulfed in flames, and believes the explosions were triggered by miniature propane tanks.

“One of the sources of heat in these unauthorized camps is portable propane tanks that you can get at most of the general stores," said Erik Duran, a fire inspector with the Pueblo Fire Department. "The biggest problem with these camps is they really have no way of disposing of them properly. These empty or partially empty tanks are a great danger to whatever areas they are in.”

Inspectors say they found six miniature propane tanks scattered across the camp site after they put the flames out.

Much of the camp was consumed before crews could contain the fire. Investigators believe the occupants fled the scene. No injuries were reported.

Local News / Pueblo / State & Regional News Staff



  1. Until the homeless are institutionalized, offered full spectrum rehabilitation, to clean up, get sober and get a job the homeless situation will continue to get much more worse than it presently is. Presently the homeless situation is at a critical phase where communities are being over run with them and the destruction they bring.

    1. You speak just like someone who really doesn’t know the real world and is just repeating propaganda……not all homeless are addicts. The rest of what you wrote is just plain getopo B.S. this is America go back to russia or where ever your from.

      1. By full spectrum rehabilitation I mean that each individual be evaluated and their help be tailored to their individual needs.Those needs may be mental health issues, physical problems, job training, just a need to get back on their feet, or chemical dependence. You speak of the real world, look around our city, see the destruction homeless bring, look at the picture in this article, this is the real world. We either get them off the streets for their own good and for the good of society or their numbers will grow.

        These people are a pitiful eyesore and if you really cared about them or the city you live in you would want them to get help and rescue from their pitiful condition. Of course you have the option to just try to ignore them, the problem, which you can’t because of their large and growing presence.
        I was born and raised in America, calling everyone who is not a communist democrap a Russian is typical liberal B.S..

  2. Most of these people do not want to work, they want the democraps in office. They want it all for free and them want it now. Just like all talk Amy, senile Bernie, give it away free Warren, Quid Pro Joe, strange Pete and little Mikey are all promising. And the dems want the middle class, average hard working person to pay for it all.

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