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New bill aims to boost Colorado vaccination rates

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DENVER (KRDO) -- This week, a new bill attempting to boost the immunization rates in Colorado will be introduced. 

It would try to tighten the exemption process, requiring parents to opt-out using a signed document from a medical professional or watch an online video created by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, according to Democrat State Sen. Julie Gonzales of District 34, who will be one of the bill's sponsors.

Currently, parents can submit a form to opt-out.

Pam Long is a board member for the Colorado Health Choice Alliance. She says one of her children had an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

"So I'm no longer a consumer of these products for that child and my other children," she said.

That organization, along with the Colorado Springs-based Medical Autonomy Colorado, opposes the proposal.

Dr. Robin Johnson with El Paso Public Health says most parents in Colorado do vaccinate their children, but many do not.

"I think Colorado struggles with this as some other states do," she said.

Johnson says any opportunity to touch-base with a physician before making a medical decision is recommended.

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  1. I just wish the Colorado Legislature would follow the lead of other places in the country, which have made it mandatory for all children to be vaccinated before they can go to school. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    1. I completely agree. If you want to put your own child at risk then they should not go to public school they should have to be home school or go to a private school.

      People who are non-Vaxers I think should be charged with child abuse if the child catches the disease.

      1. Oh tojob, we are all SO impressed by how brave and tough you are there, typing on the internet from your mom’s basement. She must be so proud of her tough little boy!

      2. Watching You child suffer from a preventable disease and many have long term side affects/scars is child abuse. Polio is no joke. Neither is whooping cough. Glad your ok with having a child who can’t play sports and has to be on medication all their life because their lungs are scarred because you chose not to vaccinate. Explain that to them when they are older, why you chose to harm them.

    1. There are also various other medical conditions that are contraindications for certain vaccinations. But being allergic to one of the components of the vaccine is certainly a valid reason, although sometimes a different vaccine based on a different component may be available.

  2. Vaccines are not safe, they come with a warning from big pharma that they can cause damage and death and they do. It is illegal to sue big pharma for any harm caused by their dvaccines.Their has been a rise in autism that correlates to the increase use of vaccines.

    Infants are being injected with vaccine cocktails that many researchers claim their still developing brains and immune systems are not prepared to handle.

    The relationship between vaccines,cancers and other side effects are hard to identify becuse it may take years before symptoms appear after vaccines are given. Big pharma has no interest in identifying these relationships because profits come first, not health.

    Big pharma have bought our politicians and they do their bidding bringing them billions in profits. Our freedoms/right to choose have diminished in America led by politicians who no longer represent the people but are puppets of large corporations for personal gain.

    1. There have been even more studies that show artificial colors and dyes are the main cause for autism and other health problems. I have seen it first hand. A child was diagnosed as autistic with ADHD. The parents had him medicated accordingly. The medications included stimulants and other harmful to kids drugs. When the symptoms continued they blamed vaccinations and other factors. After giving a strong recommendation that they change his diet to remove artificial colors and dyes and also gluten they agreed as a last result.
      The child today is off all medication and has little to no more signs of autism and was just accepted into the talented and gifted program at school. His parents for the longest time thought he would be mentally deficient the rest of his life.

      So you are a hypocrite if you don’t vaccinate but feed your kids poison in their food everyday. Many countries in Europe has banned artificial colors and flavors and seen a huge gain in their society and less cases of autistic children.

      Vaccines are not the problem.

  3. You can find arguments on both side, one side is manufactured lies from big pharma and those they pay to distort the truth and then there is the truth from those who really care more about the health of children than big pharma profits and receiving their money. It is not just autism that has researchers worried but also other brain development issues and cancers.

    1. The arguments against vaccines have all been debunked long ago, as “SmarterThanYou” said. The biggest risk is from not vaccinating and the possibility of contracting the various diseases, and possibly spreading them to those who cannot be vaccinated for valid medical reasons. Any other excuse is irresponsible and should be treated as child abuse.

      1. The arguments against vaccines are far from debunked. There are those who say vaccines need to be safer and multiple vaccine cocktails need to be stopped, would be safer to spread vaccines out over time due to infants brains and immune systems are very vulnerable.
        Even aspirin has potential side effects, to think vaccines magically are safe is ridiculous. Parents have a right to decide.

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