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Colorado Springs Women’s March impacts downtown traffic

COS Women's March in 2017

Colorado Springs, COLO. (KRDO) - The annual Colorado Springs Women's March will be taking place this Saturday in downtown Colorado Springs.

This year, event organizers changed the name to Womxn's March to include non-binary and trans people.

This year's march comes a week after the national events because organizers say they didn't want to conflict with any Martin Luther King Jr. Day observances.

The event will start with a keynote speaker at 2 p.m. at the City Auditorium on Kiowa St. followed by a march through downtown.

The following roads will have a rolling closure provided by the Colorado Springs Police Department during the event:

  • Westbound Kiowa St., between Weber St. and Nevada Ave.
  • Northbound Nevada Ave., between Kiowa St. and Platte Ave.
  • Westbound Platte Ave., between Nevada Ave. and Tejon St.
  • Southbound Tejon St., between Platte Ave. and Kiowa St.
  • Eastbound Kiowa St., between Tejon St. and Weber St.

The Mountain Metropolitan Transit's downtown bus terminal will not be accessible from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday due to the march.

Southbound Weber north of Kiowa St. will be the staging area for all downtown bus pullouts during that time. Expect delays.

Bus stop #2349 at Wahsatch Ave. and Kiowa St. will not be serviced during the march.

For a live traffic map click here.


Hanna Knutson

Hanna is the traffic reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Hanna here.



  1. make sure to duct tape a big X where the woman parts are. Isn’t that what they are promoting?
    The only place in the country to do this-it disgusts me- as a womAn-I refuse to participate in this mockery. Doesn’t the lbgtqxyz community already have their own parade?

    1. The funny part is that it is a Woman’s march and to include other they change it. So then it is no longer a “Woman’s march” it is a march of people.

      It would be like having a Veterans march and change it so people who “feel” like they have fought and served can march also.

      I think it cheapens it for real Women also. Sad.

      1. Agree with both of you. What is the point of this anyway? Are they trying to get an ERA passed? Already done. Trying to get a law passed to allow abortion? Ditto. More employment for women? Ditto!!! I truly don’t understand. Women have got it made in this country. Don’t have to wear a hijab or undergo FGM or have a male escort every time you walk out the door. Drive cars, vote, have all the freedom and rights that men do, more even.

        Originated with and run by Linda Sarsour. Can it be that the entire point of the “Womxn’s March” is disruption, agitation, anger?

        Hmmmm. I may be onto something…

        1. yea let’s see if the “straight, white, and uptight” get their own section in the Gay Parade this year.

        2. Yeah, we sure have it made. Except we have to always be afraid when we are alone on the streets, still face tons of discrimination, and have a president who supports removing a woman’s bodily autonomy. I think its the men who have it made. That is slowly changing, though, through women coming together and becoming a force to reckon with.

        3. This is an anti-Trump parade just like they all are…except for the anti-gun marches that they call “peace” marches. It will consist of a bunch of Colorado cucks, cuckolds, pedophiles, faggots, and other social misfits pretending they are all women and shouting “F___ Trump” as they walk down the middle of the street.

          If reality, these weirdos still haven’t gotten over their crashing rejection by the majority of Americans in the 2016 Presidential election and they are pitching a temper tantrum but they are too cowardly to call it what it is.

  2. This happen,s everyday , why do they need a march and if they do are they going to march to the great fruitcake toss today?

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