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Multiple people stabbed in downtown Colorado Springs, 1 arrested

cos-stabbing scene

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - The Colorado Springs Police Department is investigating after a man apparently went on an overnight stabbing spree in the downtown area, according to witnesses.

WATCH: Update from CSPD on downtown stabbing spree

Officers were called to the area of 8th and Limit streets around 1:30 a.m. Monday and found two victims. The suspect is believed to have fled the scene on walking trails that lead to America the Beautiful Park.

When officers went to the park, they found several more victims. They spread out to find the suspect, and officers from additional substations came out to assist in the search.

Andrew Anthamatten, who frequents the area regularly, says he saw some of the victims right after they were attacked.

"When I got down here, there were two other victims headed up to get medical attention, so I just kind of stayed with them, helped them get to an ambulance, " says Anthamatten. "They were wounded quite badly."

Around 2:12 a.m., CSPD received calls that several people had been stabbed in the area of Tejon St. and Boulder St.

Several victims had detained the suspect when officers arrived, according to police. The man was taken into custody.

Eight people were transported to the hospital to be treated for what CSPD calls sharp force trauma injuries. At this time the extent of their injuries is unknown.

Investigators believe the attacks were random, and at this time there's no known relationship between the suspect and the victims.

At this time the suspect's name has not been released. Staff



  1. Every dang day there is somthing bad going on from robberies to car jacking to murders to knife fights , come on life is to good to throw it away.but the jungle never stops.

    1. I thought you just posted that the SE was the jungle.
      Why don’t you just pack and go away?

    1. London did enact “knife control” laws after their gun control laws failed to stop the murders. And ya know what they are doing now? Issuing special knife wound control kits to their police officers to try and deal with the continuing large number of knife attacks.

      Gun control, knife control… going after the tools will NEVER work. You HAVE to go after the criminals.

  2. America the Beautiful Park is the next Dorchester Park. It is conveniently located between the two free-meal centers for the homeless, who apparently are feeling a bit “Stabby” these days. Move them both out east of Hanover and let eat their soup then stab one-another until they can’t stab no more!

  3. I can’t wait to show off the new Olympic Museum to my out of town guests! They’ll need hard-soled shoes to combat the Heroin Needles from America the Homeless Park across the street!

  4. Wait until the boondoggle stadiums are built downtown, every nut from miles around will be congregating around them. Welcome to ColoMexiFornia Springs.

    1. Wait till they combind the metro bus and the grayhound bus in the same station . Come on and take a free ride .some metro drivers now even Wait for homely homeless to finish there beer at the stop before boarding . What next wait for them to shot the dope ? Just saying .

    1. Pueblo is far safer than the Springs these days. Most of the shootings in Pueblo in 2019 was Pueblo PD wacking criminals, seven of them.

  5. There’s an old Klingon proverb. Only Nixon could go to China…
    Wait, sorry.
    Make that “four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man.”

    It may only be true for Klingons. For humans it’s barely 8, apparently.

  6. I never bring my family to America the Beautiful Park. It can just keep looking pretty from afar. Up close it’s a hole because of the riffraff druggies & hobos. Monument Valley Park, which is next to it, is just as bad, maybe worse because there are more hidey-holes for the harassers to lurk. I used to like it for its old-fashioned merry-go-round. Then some transient wouldn’t leave us alone, hounding my children and me for cheese, whatever the heck that even means… “Ain’t you got some cheese, man? I need some cheese.”

  7. Update? I don’t think KRDO nor CSPD know what the word “update” means. Might as well remove the “update” video (especially since 3/4 of it is just standing around … jeebus don’t you people have any way to edit video?).

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