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Already give up on your 2020 resolution? Here’s how to get back on track

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It's been one week since people all over the country set their New Year's resolutions. But at this point, the majority of people have started to give up already.

The majority of people make some sort of weight loss goal for the New Year, with a big up-tick in the amount of people signing up for a gym membership.

"The only problem is many people are a little bit lost in their goals and need some guidance," said Laura Colizza, a trainer at Flex Fitness in Colorado Springs.

But there are ways to ensure you're staying on track.

"Don't over commit. That's the biggest problem. People come in and say they're going to work out five days a week. That's just too many. You start with one or two days a week, make that decision, make it a habit and then it becomes a lifestyle," said Colizza.

But diet is just as important as exercise, when it comes to losing weight.

"We all need to work out, stay strong, stay lean and stay metabolically efficient, but eating and what you put in your mouth is so important because what you put in your mouth is going to determine nutrient efficiency," said Kelly Calabrese, a clinical nutritionist with Optimal Wellness Solutions in Colorado Springs.

Calabrese has been a clinical nutritionist in Colorado Springs for 15 years. She says weight loss is all about balance.

"In order to really lose weight, you want to have an efficient diet but you also want to address the factors that are causing that weight gain. It's important to have a balanced diet, where you're eating organic, and staying away from the starch and carbs and staying away from fried and fast foods and really drinking a lot of water," added Calabrese.

It's all about starting with small steps to make sure you can complete your goals for 2020.

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