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D11: More Colorado Springs students struggle with mental health around holidays


The Center of Disease Control says December is actually the lowest month for suicide rates across the country, but District 11 in Colorado Springs says there's an increase in students struggling with their mental health around the holidays.

Leaders with the district say they usually see an uptick of students acting out before any kind of break, usually because of what waits for them at home once schools are closed.

Many students who struggle with their mental health around this time of year don't have food at home or the same support they receive from their teachers at school.

Since schools are closed for the holiday break, District 11 officials say they make sure students have access to other counseling services like at Aspen Pointe mental health clinic.

The district has also partnered with Care and Share Foodbank so students can take home bags of food for their families to have over the break.

Back in 2014, District 11 lost a student to suicide at Doherty High School, prompting them to add more counselors and psychologists to schools, as well as add more mental health curriculum to classrooms.

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Mia Villanueva

Mia is a weekday reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Mia here.



  1. Life is tough when you don’t get everything you want. Don’t have food at home? Not our fault when the parents spend their money on drugs. Enough with the sob stories trying to tug on people’s strings this time of year. We are not living during the great depression. That will come when the liberals get their way after the impeachment.

    1. I forgot but can’t edit a post. D11 lost 1 and added multiple social service oxygen thieves. No wonder they are out ringing the tax bells this season.

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