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Man reels in record-breaking catfish at Lake Pueblo State Park

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PUEBLO, Colo. -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife took to twitter to share a new state record for blue catfish.

Randy Stillwell of Pueblo West caught the monster fish on Sunday, saying he was at the "right place, right time." He was originally jigging for crappie after giving up on walleye when the huge fish hit the 66-year-old's ¾-ounce slab spoon.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Stillwell spent 30 minutes trying to keep pressure on his 14-ounce test line and land the big fish. Stillwell's fishing buddy, Bill Shumaker, netted it.

Stillwell took the fish to Colorado Parks and Wildlife where Officer Gretchen Holschuh took measurements and certified it a state record.

If you're wondering, the blue catfish measures 38⅝ inches & weighs 29.132 pounds with a 25-inch girth. CPW says those measurements erased the record set in 2016 by Charlie Black, who caught one measuring 35 ½ inch, 24.48 lb.

Local News / Pueblo

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