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Study says you need $118k to ‘be happy’ in Colorado Springs

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A Purdue University study aimed to answer the age old question: can money buy happiness?

Using that study's findings, financial literacy website GOBanking Rates predicted the annual salary a single person would need to be happy in 50 of America's biggest cities.

According to their predictions, someone living in Colorado Springs would need an annual income of $118,545 to "be happy."

The university's research aimed to "pinpoint the amount where money no longer changes your level of emotional well-being and 'life evaluation.'"

This is to say, the number at which your income no longer influences your daily emotions and life goals.

Researchers further broke down requisite income for "life evaluation," which they say needs $107,255 in Colorado Springs, and "emotional well-being," which they say needs between $67,740 and $84,675.

In comparison, the researchers say someone living in Denver would need $151,410 to be happy, $136,990 for life evaluation, and $86,520 - $108,150 for emotional well-being.

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  1. “financial literacy website GOBanking Rates predicted the annual salary a single person would need to be happy…”
    And what about families? It’s no wonder people are complaining about no longer being able to afford to live in Colorado Springs. 30 years ago, it used to be a nice place with a quite reasonable cost of living compared to other small cities. Now it certainly can’t be considered reasonable, and it’s not the same place it used to be either.

  2. Alright… And how much to just be grateful? Certainly I’m nowhere near that given estimate of success, yet I do strive to smile often and not let too much get me down.
    Greetings y’all, as I’m currently outta state, I just wanted to wish every sap reading this tripe a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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