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People pack the hills for some premature winter fun amid cold streak

The hills were packed with people taking advantage of the winter weather across Colorado Springs on Wednesday.

All sorts of people, and animals, small and tall were out enjoying the premature winter weather.

Some didn't even have sleds because stores haven't caught up with the early demand. But that didn’t stop anyone.

“This is my toboggan made out of a mattress box,” said Hope Bernsten.

After a three-day cold streak, we’re all wondering -- does this mean winter has already begun? If so, some people are all for it.

“I don’t mind it. I’m very happy about the snow. Ski season is coming early! Yay, ski season! We’re excited,” said one person.

We asked the little ones what their favorite part about the snow is. Some of their answers came as no surprise.

“We get to go sledding on the days we don’t have school. And we get to stay warm inside our houses too,” explained one group of kids.

“I just like spending time with my family,” said Ashton Busby.

Others just cracked us up.

“Reading to myself at home,” said Lucas Luo.

“That I can throw snowballs at my mom and daddy,” said Anabelle Wagle.

Weather you live for the snow or you wish autumn had stuck around a little longer, there were certainly plenty of people out and about enjoying the day off.

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Julia Donovan

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