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Ted Robertson

Ted Robertson 720

It was 1987 when I first experienced Colorado Springs.  I settled here permanently in 1992 with my wife Teresa, a Springs native.  My son, Thomas, is a former U.S. Marine and I am the son of an Army Major.

I was bitten by the radio bug when I was a kid.  My attachment to the medium extends to my teenage years when my family befriended a local talk radio host.   He impressed upon me the importance of communications and service to the community.  I’ve been around, in or on radio ever since.  I consider it a great privilege to represent the KRDO brand both on and off the air.    

I’m a hobbyist photographer.  My first love is capturing back country landscapes, landmarks, lost towns and old homesteads on seldom traveled roads.

I hike the many trails here in our region.  Much of my volunteer time is devoted to local organizations that support the military.  In addition, I commit time and resources to groups working within the business community to boost commerce and expand the economy.     

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Ted Robertson

Ted is the afternoon anchor for KRDO NewsRadio. Learn more about Ted here.

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