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Voice of Dutch Clark Stadium still gets nerves calling Bell Game

Before fans pack the stands, and before the first snap of the Bell Game, Sal Gallegos welcomes fans of both red and blue.

“Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to Pueblo’s Earl Dutch Clark Stadium, and the 2019, 119th Central vs Centennial Bell Game!” booms Gallegos’ voice across the stadium.

Fans of both Pueblo Centennial High School and Pueblo Central High School football teams know the historic Bell Game doesn’t begin until they hear Gallegos’ voice announcing the start of the rivalry game.

Gallegos has announced games at Dutch Clark Stadium for 37 years. However, when it comes to the Bell game, the longest-running high school football rivalry west of the Mississippi River, he still gets nervous.

“I’m excited,” Gallegos told KRDO. “Almost like when a child wakes up to Christmas or a new toy. I’m just so excited.”

The tradition of the Bell Game has been in Gallegos’s life since he was five. He graduated from Pueblo Central in 1969, and worked at Pueblo Centennial for nearly 3 decades as a teacher, athletic director, and Assistant Principal. Yet when he gets on the mic for the Bell game, he is color blind.

“The hardest part was when my boys, who are graduates of Central High School, when they played in the Bell game,” said Gallegos. “That was tough, but I still maintained the commitment of 100% to Centennial and 100% to Central.”

Sal says after nearly four decades, being the voice of Dutch Clark Stadium is still the ultimate privilege.

“It’s the school district and the people of Pueblo that have allowed me to be the voice of Dutch Clark and I cherish that very much with great pride,” Gallegos said.

Young athletes tell Sal it’s their dreams to have their names spoken on the speakers at Dutch Clark Stadium. For Sal, when he hears that it keeps him humble, and motivates him to do the very best he can as an announcer.

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