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Colorado Springs

Walsenburg sees foot of snow in Thursday snowstorm

With Thursday’s snowstorm, some places got hit a little harder than others.

Driving through town, streets remain snow-packed in Walsenburg. The visual of it all truly incredible. Cars, trees and Halloween decorations were buried under 12 inches of snow. However, although the snow may look beautiful the driving conditions remain extremely poor.

Tom Moran said, “Well when you are from Austin, Texas, it doesn’t look too good.”

And Rita Bastian who was trying to get to work was not able to because of the weather, “I work in Alamosa and I was trying to get there last night and I made it to Colorado City and then I went back home to Pueblo and so now I’m trying to make it again and the sheriff stopped me and said not to go over the pass just yet.”

And after speaking with multiple drivers, one message was clear:

“Just slow down, just because you have a four-wheel-drive you can go fast but it doesn’t mean you can stop fast. Be careful out there,” Brad Hillyard​​​​​​.

The good news is the snow is supposed to stop, however, more could come this weekend. In the meantime, the town of Walsenburg will continue to dig themselves out of the snowstorm.

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