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Colorado Springs

Springs Rescue Mission prepares for snow after exceeding capacity during last storm

Springs Rescue Mission officials are gearing up for Wednesday night’s snowstorm, after they say their shelters exceeded capacity during the first snowstorm of the year just weeks ago.

The Rescue Mission’s shelters on West Las Vegas street currently house 450 beds. But 475 people took shelter during the last snow storm earlier this month, officials tell us.

Travis Williams, Chief Development Officer of Springs Rescue Mission, says they’re ready to take on an even bigger crowd this time.

“Our team right now are cool as a cucumber. We’ll bring out mats and we’re gonna make it the most comfortable environment that we possibly can,” he said.

Williams says the shelter is available for anyone in need.

“We’re gonna meet you right where you’re at. Whether you have a substance in your system, whether you’ve done something you’re not proud of.”

The Springs Rescue Mission also allows people to bring pets with them.

People currently staying here say it’s a choice they’re happy with.

“Well it’s definitely not worth the risk to stay out there on the street,” said Nick Heinz.

“Oh no I wouldn’t stay on the street. You’ll freeze your buns off,” Lori Ringeman agreed.

“Worst case scenario is that you can die out there,” added Charlie Baker, another person staying at the shelter.

He assures the Rescue Mission will welcome you with open arms.

“This is a wonderful place, the food is good, the people are great, they really try to help you,” said Baker.

Williams tells us the Rescue Mission has come a long way since it opened.

“We’ve come out of nowhere. Five years ago we sheltered 38 people,” he said.

Last year, they added 150 beds.

Rescue Mission officials say the City of Colorado Springs has budgeted for around $300,000 to the mission in its 2020 proposal.

However, that money won’t be going to more beds.

He says the funding will go toward finishing a new kitchen, so they can feed more people.

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