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Colorado Springs

City of Colorado Springs prepares for overnight snow storm

We’re still in the month of October, but starting Wednesday night the second snowstorm of the season will blow through southern Colorado. The City of Colorado Springs says it’s fully prepared for what’s to come.

Jack Ladley, Operations Manager for the City of Colorado Springs, says that the City usually projects the first snow to occur around Halloween and plans to be ready by the 31st. But of course, that hasn’t been the case this year.

“Here we are already working on our second snowstorm of the year,” Ladley said.

Originally, this storm wasn’t looking like much. However, Ladley said that changed quickly.

“Yesterday at this time we were looking at a trace to an inch, today we are looking at the possibility of five to ten,” he said.

Ladley says his crew will be ready.

“We are going to have our A.M. shift show up at normal start time which for normal operations is 6:30. They are going to start a full hookup for us. We are going to bring in the P.M. shift at noon so that they can take over operations with the anticipation of snow beginning sometime around the evening commute.”

Ladley says they will have a full call out for the storm, which means 40 trucks out on the road. Because of the number of plows, Ladley says drivers need to be on high alert during their morning commute.

“Understand that we got 40 plows covering 5,600 land miles of roadway. If you stretch that out, that’s 40 plows stretched between here and Rome,” he said.

Ladley says it’s hard to tell if this early snowfall will continue throughout the winter, but if it does he says they will be more than ready.

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