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Colorado Springs

Road repair funded by 2C ending for 2019, question on November ballot

The paving operations in Colorado Springs for 2019 are coming to a close, marking the end of the fourth year of the voter-approved ballot item.

Ballot Item 2C is a five-year 0.62 percent sales tax used solely to repair roads in Colorado Springs.

The November 2019 Ballot for Colorado Springs currently includes an item asking residents whether they would approve of extending the 2C tax from 2021 until 2025. The extension would provide 2C funding at a lower rate of 0.57 percent or 5.7 pennies for every $10 purchased.

John Suthers, the mayor of Colorado Springs, said crews are working hard to achieve the city’s goal of paving 1000 lane miles.

“This is the end of our fourth paving season,” Suthers said. “After this year we’ll have paved 854 lane miles of our roads in Colorado Springs and next year another 218.”

Most of the work during the first five years focused on major roads such as Nevada Ave and Cimarron St. But if voters decide to extend the 2C funding, then city crews would pave more residential areas.

“We will still continue to do some of the arterials and collectors to finish the job that we started with 2C,” said Corey Farkas, the city’s public works operations and maintenance manager. “But fifty percent of that program is designed around hitting the residential collectors.”

The city of Colorado Springs has a complete list of the roads that would be included in the 2021-2025 paving operations.

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