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Court documents: Suspect that led deputies on car chase connected to other county crimes

El Paso County court documents reveal that the male suspect involved in Friday’s high-speed chase that damaged multiple cars and injured a Sheriff’s deputy had been on the run from authorities for a month before his arrest.

Caleb Miles, 31, was arrested on numerous charges after the pursuit ended, but those don’t reflect other crimes to which investigators believe him to be connected. According to an affidavit we obtained Monday, Miles has had multiple run-ins with the law, including high-speed chases in eastern El Paso County — which ended with deputies calling it off — and armed robberies and carjackings.

In fact, our team actually spoke to one of Miles’s alleged victims last week before his arrest. Cheryl Sura lives in Eastern El Paso County. She was opening the gate to her driveway with her engine still running when two people drove up and stole her truck.

“They just wanted the vehicle and away they went,” Sura said.

But she couldn’t identify the suspect who got in her truck because he was covering his face.

“He had a bandana over his face so I couldn’t get a look at him,” she explained.

We won’t publish her exact address here, but we can confirm that the same address is listed in the affidavit for an alleged carjacking.

The document also says there were two other incidents with the same MO: A suspect wearing a bandana to cover their face.

Additionally, the truck in Friday’s chase was spray painted. The affidavit says Miles spray painted one of the other stolen cars black to conceal its identity. Another car he is connected to was described as having a “blue-ish paint residue on it”.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office says they are currently looking at possible connections between Miles and multiple crimes.

The second suspect arrested Friday, 19-year-old Brooke Macklin, is also named in the affidavit as having a possible connection.

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